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    You guys, you need to email Wes. He doesn’t spend time here often, and he asked to have the members who are interested to please EMAIL him.

    So send the request to wes@sasquatchchronicles.com

    Paul M

    Hey. I’d love to help test the app
    Apple iPhone 6. Rpmacdonald2@gmail.com

    Paul S

    App is working great on my iPhone ! Thank you. The extra instructions on downloading for the iOS is necessary for the download. Thanks again .

    Glenn A

    The App is working great so far. The biggest thing that I’ve noticed in terms of improvement is the sound quality. Not that the quality is bad on the website but there is an improvement on the App. I also like the search feature because I never can remember episode numbers for the most part but I do remember titles and I can type in the title name or a portion of the title name and locate the show that I’m looking for. I also like the 10 second backup or forward buttons verses the 30 second buttons that are on the website. So far, I haven’t had any glitches or crashes on the App. I give it a 👍🏾.

    Sherry L

    sherrysealelescano”gmail.com I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Will happily test!

    Sabastian G

    I would like an opportunity to test the app. My email address is grovesabastian@gmail.com

    Glenn N

    I’d be happy to help out… Artista_co@bresnan.net

    Jackson C

    I’d love to test it

    David M

    How in the world did you fall at a gas station, hope you feel better soon, I would like to test the app.

    Drew E

    Hi Wes, would love to test the app for you.
    My email is, drew-os@hitmail.com
    Many thanks

    Josh L

    joshlonghi@gmail.com…long time listener love the show more then i love any tv show!

    Steve C

    Working perfectly on iPhone 12 Pro and Android 10, Thanks for the app Wes!

    Mimi P

    I would be happy to test the app.

    Monica B

    I would love to test the app for you.

    Tony P

    I’ll give it a test Wes my email Tatzpatrick@yahoo.com

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 154 total)
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