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    Carolyn R

    Start with s4 then Dolce……


    I believe that God put us on this earth. Since God didn’t originate from the earth that makes him an alien. Well for me, that’s that.

    Bonnie I

    There is a German woman by the name of Ursel Benekendorff who collects Paleolithic portable rock art. This type of archeology is given very little attention by mainstream academia but I feel might just hold the key to helping unlock humankind’s true ancient history. One of the small specimens in her collection appears to be a carving of the head of an ape like man.

    Gabriel H

    Lol cover blown. Nice

    Yes, Seamus, that’s what I’m saying ~ Sasquatch, and another ‘heavenly’ race, are our parent race(s) Sasquatch was the female (mitochondrial) DNA contributor (that’s why Sasquatch mitochondrial DNA matches human) and “Our Father, who art in the heavens” was the male (nuclear) DNA contributor. We don’t have the notion that humans are of something and something else, because we assume our DNA is the prototype or base creation of God. We’re measuring everything against us, whereas what should be happening is we should also be measuring ourselves as just one of many, like we do with say an antelope

    The lie – that we are the base godly creation, is a pacifying thing. It stops us from searching out answers

    And both the UFO phenomena and Sasquatch are brutally covered up via the threat of death. Not only to you, but also your family.

    They’re willing to do that. That’s how ginormous the foundational belief systems here are a concocted story. Both Religion and Science, are control mechanisms that essentially state:

    “Don’t You Bloody Dare Look”

    They just say it with a smile

    It’s no different than how you coddle your toddler who really has no choice but the two you’ve given them, or how we house and provide for the lab rats we are about experiment on

    You still call rat 343322 “Charlie” and smile at him until it’s his turn y’know?

    Everyone’s “identification numbers” should be showing up in the next few years

    Anyway, yeah, I get the feeling that (back to the DNA of humans) Sasquatch is Eve, but we all have ‘One Heavenly Father (contributor)’ Religion was initiated as the cover story and science was introduced to explain everything within our visual spectrum and guard everything that’s not

    All we get is increasingly large & complex mechanisms of control sold to the masses as either convenience or necessary for safety

    SkyNet, is indeed being formed. But it’s just logistical. There’s just far too many of us. It used to be Kings & Queens. Then Governments. Soon it will be one Über government and we’ll all have a number. The numbers we currently have are phone numbers and liscence plates

    Our society, is boxed in. That’s why no one is allowed to look or think outside the box with any measurable results or change. Democracy, is for show. We can decide where in the pasture we go, but that’s it

    Gabriel H

    …and that in no way negates the Jesus story. Jesus said, You can look, and still love each other. The authorities said WRONG BUDDY

    That’s why his life is a sacrifice ~ ’cause if you come in here living utter truth, in order to maintain the lie you have to be eliminated quickly. If you consciously walk in here to live utter truth, your entire walk through life becomes a sacrifice, because you KNOW, you’ll be killed

    We’re property

    We’re property in a pretty pasture

    But we’re still tagged

    And it’s still a pasture

    Gabriel H

    Side Note: Jesus was a carpenter right? Maybe that’s how he recognized the fence line and could look over it


    Nice rant.

    Gabriel H


    friggin love you man

    Seamus J. C

    Thanks for the clarifuckation, Gabriel. (Off-color pun, sorry)

    If it was some celestial or alien beings that crossed with SQ to make us, rather than an evolution out of more apelike forms, then why cover it up? Who, exactly, wants that covered up, and why?


    Whoever is in power now may fear in losing control.

    Jimmie B

    Wow, what a great topic from all of you. So many theories and takes on these uncontrollable shakes. I’m amazed at the interest that all of you have taken into this. From my encounter on episode 337 “Childhood Encounters” I just want to elaborate this point. It is only when discussing my encounter on that night that gives me these “Shakes” . I do not remember my mother physically harming any of us that night. I remember her and my stepfather getting a bit heated but not with us. I also would like to point out that of all the horrible abuse I went through as a child . If I think about the abuse of my childhood there “ARE NO SHAKES” . These uncontrollable shakes only come to me when I physically start talking about my encounter. It literally feels like I am in that momonet at that age at that very time again. My voice even starts to tremble. When I shared my encounter with Cliff Barackman from “Finding Bigfoot” I was almost in tears. He stated , “These things have caused many people to have PTSD” He could see the the way my body changes as I told him my encounter. The minute we changed the subject it was light turning off a light switch. GONE.. no trembling ,no emotions no voice cracking. There is something there with these tho t’s but I have no idea what it is that causes this. It could simply be a sixth sense that these were our natural predators before we overtook their domain. I really have no idea,but you guys are great. I am not sure how to respond to the self loathing comments. I am open to criticism and what not. I guess the Wikipedia definition it different than some of the definitions on hear. What is self loathing?
    Image result for self-loathing
    self-loathing noun [ U ] very strong feelings of dislike for yourself: He was full of anxiety and self-loathing.

    Jimmie B

    Awesome take Bonnie 1


    Thanks Jimmie B for re-awakening this thread.

    Gabriel, I thought I was the only one writing about the idea Sasquatch are the source species and humans are the result.

    As I read your words it is like listening to myself think… archaic memory breaking through the programming perhaps?

    “The lie – that we are the base godly creation, is a pacifying thing. It stops us from searching out answers” … and stops us from rebelling against the system… the very reason disclosure is actively prevented?

    “We’re property

    We’re property in a pretty pasture

    But we’re still tagged

    And it’s still a pasture”

    For years now I have been studying ‘lay Law’, the Freeman On The Land movement, sovereign citizens, whatever label you want to give them… then testing what I found in court over and over again. This last statement of Gabriel’s is EXACTLY what I have found to be true. (And even uses the exact terminology I and some other ‘searchers-for-truth’ use in conversation. The ‘tag’ is the ‘Birth certificate’)

    Any ‘stock’ who gets past the fence is quickly recaptured and punished, not by the ‘owner’ ironically, but by the other stock.

    In fact even those who do not attempt escape but merely notice the fence and try to point it out gets viciously attacked by his fellows. (Plato’s Cave Syndrome).

    In my work I tell children stories while I am teaching them, stories that continue like chapters week after week. In the ‘Alien Stories’ humans from the future (called the Snamuh) chase the heroes back through time without realising it. On a lush planet they encounter ‘happy hairy creatures’ that appear vaguely familiar.

    Because their sensors detect large amounts of gold under the surface but they do not have time to mine it, Mr Chairman (the Snamuh boss) orders some of the creatures to be captured and re-engineered to be obedient, intelligent slaves to mine the gold. A result of this ‘modification’ is a larger frontal lobe, the loss of much of their protective hair, and the adoption of some of the main Snamuh traits… greed, deception and violence.
    Mr Chairman does not realise it but he creates his own species.
    (I started turning this story into a comic which you can read here if interested… http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/The_Adventures_of_Min_n_Fin/4930963/ )

    I love the ‘shaking’ theory too… makes good sense to me (having experienced the ‘externalism aspect’ myself).

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