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    NW Mike

    “The shakes” when discussing an event after the fact comes from high emotional arousal. This is natural when someone is revisiting an event that really happened. It is also one way to distinguish between liars and truth tellers. Emotional arousal can be faked (actors): shaking hands and quaking/breaking voice. It is harder to mimic the other things the body does. How do you control heart rate, respiration increase, dialation of the pupils, blood pressure? Look for it next time someone tells you a story. See if what they are telling you verbally matches the response of their body.

    Seamus J. C

    I went on a ride the other day in Branson, Missouri, called the “Skycoaster”. It’s not actually a roller coaster–that would have felt safer. On this ride, you are suspended from a couple of cables, and they pull you backwards and up to a tall tower behind you, then let you drop and swing (you are belly down, in a harness). My son and I did it. We both screamed bloody murder because, of course, your body and a large part of your mind thinks it’s going to die. But you end up laughing after it soaks in that you’re not dead, and you’re still swinging back and forth in large arcs (the cables are maybe 100 feet long). Despite the relief and laughter, when I got off, my legs were very wobbly from the fear, very shaky and wobbly as I tried to walk back to my family. Fear. Shakes. They go together.

    Seamus J. C

    There is a condition called “complicated grieving”, in which a person experiences a loss, but had deeply mixed feelings towards the deceased or otherwise lost person. It’s what happens when you lose a love/hate relationship, you don’t know whether to cry or cheer so you end up doing neither.

    I think that having an encounter with a cryptid, or an abusive relative that no one believes could be abusive, is similar in that the witness/abusee does not even feel secure in the knowledge that something terrible and terrifying really happened to them (because BF does not exist, because Daddy wouldn’t do that, because the memories themselves are repressed partially or completely, because no one around the person is acting like anything is wrong…etc.).

    Just to have such a thing happen to you is crazymaking, because the world around you does not even define the experience as real or possible. Witness the witnesses who, even though the experience is corroborated by another person who was with them at the time, time and again say that they never discussed it, or did so only briefly, because it was just too weird and they had no way to define or understand the experience. Finding others who support or believe what your senses and memory have told you is then a great relief.

    Gabriel H

    Incredibly well said

    Gabriel H

    Cryptic Encounter Syndrome…

    If I had half a brain I’d initiate planning stages to market myself as a CES specialist for when this goes platinum…

    Chris, Bonnie et. all ~ couldn’t the DNA be read the other way? If Sasquatch Mitochondrial DNA matches human, couldn’t that be interpreted as someone (ie. The ‘Father’) taking Sasquatch mitochondrial DNA and pairing it with their (or another) set of nuclear DNA…?


    All religious beliefs aside, could not Sasquatch be Eve, but we all have one ‘heavenly’ father?

    Pause and think for a second… why are we all assuming that Human, is the prototype, or humanoid-case-#1. Someone’s lying to us you guys. Sasquatch is perfectly adapted to this planet. We’re not. Sasquatch is the most advanced human on this planet. WE, are the hybrids.

    It’s us. WE, are the hybrids. Someone here wants to keep us in line by telling us WE are the foundation, made in God’s image. It’s a lie you guys. WE, are the hybrids. Sasquatch is the female side of us and some other race (probably still in control here) is the male side of us, and the lie, has been rigorously institutionalized.

    And that’s probably why Sasquatch and UFO’s are occasionally seen in proximity. “The Father”(race) is just monitoring their experiment, and Sasquatch, was the contributing Native species.

    Tell me that doesn’t make sense

    Gabriel H

    And in following that, it also makes complete sense as to why this is viciously BuRiEd ~ ’cause someone here wants this to stay seriously friggin covered up

    ‘Cause figuring out what Sasquatch is, means figuring out what we are, means we wake the hell up and realize we’ve been lied to, means the jig is up

    Anyone feel jigged around a lot by working your 9-5 and paying never ending bills?

    There’s a reason why they call it the RAT race y’know. What do we do with rats… house them in laboratories. As Above, So Below.

    People may think I’m out to lunch, but think it out. It all makes a helluva lot of sense to me

    And because I’m not holding myself in a structured pre-packaged belief system I can speak with anyone from any belief system.

    Does that not make sense that the belief systems may have been intentionally created

    Gabriel H

    Aren’t the ones who’s hearts will be LEAST likely to fail, the ones who have opted for a few lesser falls beforehand? Realizing and recognizing that their installed belief system WAS INSTALLED…?

    THAT’S the ticker’s kicker. It’s not the shit you’re seeing outside. It’s the IMPLICATION of the shit you’re seeing outside. It’s the sucker punch to the gut that even Houdini himself could avoid

    Houdini died because he wasn’t ready for the blow. WE HERE… are also unconsciously preparing for the blow.

    We’re the one’s guys. Among us are many who can withstand the implications

    And with that, I’m done

    for now…

    Someone else lead the V for a bit I’m dropping back


    I’m a Christian. To make it worse, I’m Roman catholic. For me, man came from the cradle or the garden. Perhaps sasquatch came from a different clime. Who knows. I do find the “Us and Them” video and “Lloyd Pye Everything You Know Is Wrong” video interesting.

    Gabriel H

    I was baptized too buddy. And I’m willing to be humbled should there be a significant lesson there for me to learn yet

    Gary R

    I’m willing to be humbled also Gabriel. I am loving the open minded way in which you view the world. I’m not a scientist, but I too have felt that Sasquatch evolved here on the N. American continent as opposed to having migrated here from parts unknown. Like across the land bridge during the ice age for example. I’ve even entertained the thot that we came along after them, and that maybe, just maybe, we walk the earth because they do. I am a little lost on Your Adam and Eve idea. Unsure how we come from the male DNA. Isn’t the male DNA from an unknown animal? As I struggle to understand your thots here please correct me if I’ve misunderstood. Thanks for your candid and open discussion of that which is little understood. There sure are a number of interpretations on the vibration thang also. I love it! Thanks Gabriel.

    Seamus J. C

    Yes, I don’t know if I agree with you, Gabriel, but what you propose is as plausible as anything, given the massive vacuum of ignorance we live in.

    Gary, I believe that Gabriel (as in Archangel) is referring to a hybrid of an alien species itself, or one engineered by aliens, crossing with sasquatch to make human beings. Gabriel, which way do you lean on that one?

    I agree that SQ is better adapted to Earth than we are. We are too smart for our own good, clearly. But many native Earth species have ended up being poorly adapted–we will never know the names of many of those. And there has been a pretty steady progression in size and sophistication of the thing that makes us too smart–the hominid brain. Of course, you could postulate that aliens have been experimenting for that long–4 million years or so…I’m not sure what the limitations are on the abilities and longevity of a race which is largely unknown by us, and may be fictional (or may as well be). An alien race’s conducting a 4-million-year + experiment on Earth may not be out of the realm of possibility, for aliens.

    I have always thought that our conception of alien life–smaller, skinnier, riding around in flying ships, etc.–seems too much a continuation of our own trajectory as we see it. We have been becoming smaller, more naked, less ape-like, and much bigger-brained–so aliens must be even more so, since they are more “advanced”. It’s always seemed too much a convenient projection on our part, that aliens might be so much like us–and how typically self-centered of us, to define “advanced” in that certain way.

    But–if Gabriel is right–then they are so much like us because they are our parent race. That’s a new one on me, but I have to admit that I have no idea how true that could be, and certainly could not disprove it.

    My mind is open, I guess, given the lack of pertinent knowledge. Aliens, angels, or simply God Himself–or all of the above. Who all created us? Open question, says me.

    Seamus J. C

    Gabriel: “Aren’t the ones who’s hearts will be LEAST likely to fail, the ones who have opted for a few lesser falls beforehand? Realizing and recognizing that their installed belief system WAS INSTALLED…?”

    I agree with this statement, in spirit. This is why I try very hard to keep the dark side on radar, because I don’t like unpleasant surprises, and I think that I will be in better shape than the shiny, happy people when the shit hits the fan. I won’t be so traumatized as some. At least that is my hope.

    Exactly which belief system has been installed, and how, and what the ultimate truth really is, I don’t know. But at the very least we have been sold a bill of goods by those who profit from such deception. It’s marketing. It’s false advertising. It makes some people a lot of money. ‘Nuff said? Dunno.

    Gary R

    Seamus… THERE’S NEVER ENUF SAID! …lol
    All this talk is makin me blow my cover my friends.

    Carolyn R

    Food for thought, I heard that 2 men were sent to “interview” at least 2 different types of aliens, the one man said when interviewed by his higher ups that some of these et’s were liars because one type had told him that they had xed the humans with apes 20,000 years ago. He was assuming that this et was trying to tell him they had xed cavemen with apes to produce modern man. I believe this was in the late 40’s early 50’s. Sasquatch wasn’t even on his mind I’m sure…. just food for thought…

    Seamus J. C

    Cover blown, Gary! At least we have these pseudonyms.

    …How does one interview an alien?

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