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    I was speaking of fear and self-loathing together, not one or the other. I’ve sat in on a number of groups involving PTSD. Usually it was with soldiers reliving memories in combat. They would shake like an old dryer on the blink. It was fear and self-hatred that fed their distress or trauma. Some with severe trauma would repress memories and only with a word/phrase/thought would trigger those moments. They would start shivering and crying like was happening all over again. Jimmy probably had a repressed memory and all those feelings came rushing back.

    Seamus J. C

    Did you shake, Gabriel? I would love to hear more details about your story…what, exactly, happened? I love stories like that, where things turned out OK when they had looked real bad, because of the clarity you mentioned–or maybe something else besided clarity? Anyway, if you want to tell it, I want to hear it.

    Seamus J. C

    Chris422–was the abreaction helpful for the vets?

    Gale R

    Chris, That is exactly what happened to my Dad. Daddy was a WWII vet.

    My mom had a terminal illness and had to have her leg amputated. Immediately when that happened it was like Daddy was back in battle again.

    As he told me shaking, and crying-his best friend had been blown up beside him and it had all come back, the nightmares and everything he had suppressed. This happened after he saw her without her leg.

    She passed away shortly after but he continued with his nightmares and shakes till he passed away.

    He used to have horrible nightmares and I can remember waking up to him yelling and listening to Momma comfort him. 55 years they were married.

    Once her leg was gone then she was gone he was literally right back in battle.
    Bless his heart. Now he’s with her again!

    Sorry did not mean to elaborate so much but glad I did.


    Expression helps most of the time to relieve the pain, but sometimes meds and further counseling is required. Unfortunately there’s no absolute cure. You learn how to cope.

    Gabriel H

    That’s interesting Chris & Gale. I believe I’ve suffered some PTSD following the breakdown of my marriage and resulting single parenting of three children (a decade ago) so I would would be included in that group. That does make sense – the revisiting of PTSD related events

    I wonder if Jimmy would think of himself as someone who’s “nerves are fried”

    Seamus: I was sitting in the back seat of my car reading my kindle. Stalky but built like a ***t brick house Native American pulls up, gets out his car and walks over. I open the door and say, “Hey buddy”.
    He had me pinned in the back seat in less than 2 seconds.

    *only read on if this is not going to give you (or trigger) ptsd*

    This will be a lengthy entry so please forgive that

    Here’s how it went down

    Gabe ~ Hey Buddy

    Assailant ~ You’re not supposed to be here


    The guy had a death grip on me. You can see from my videos that I’m not a big guy. Holding me with one arm and using his legs for leverage he had my shirt off in seconds. This was to be a sexual assault.

    The world closes in and my ears begin ringing. This is actually happening.

    Gabe ~ I’m gonna throw up

    Assailant ~ …

    Gabe ~ Dude I’m Gonna Throwup

    Assailant ~ I don’t care

    Gabe ~ Wait

    Assailant ~ …

    He’s not stopping

    A rush of energy and I mildly disassociate

    *Here’s where 100% Gabe kicks in. Seamus I’ve always been a looking-up-at-the-stars-in-wonder kind of guy. I was very mature at a very young age. I’ve always grasped things on a very deep level. I have times of communion with life that are difficult to explain. For example, the plateau I was recently up on when I took the little video with background knocks – the reason I knew to look for Sasquatch there is because of one very difficult night when I left the home and drove out to a valley to just clear my head. As I stood in the dark, bears began vocalizing on the surrounding hills. And in the middle of it all, a meteorite lit up the sky, and fell ONTO the plateau I was in the valley beside. It was the fullest of the human spectrum – pure light and pure dark. It was a timeless, fearless, experience. I have consciously asked, in my life, to be free of fear and absent of blinders.

    Back to this moment in the parking lot. What I do next reveals who I am at the deepest level.

    Acceptance. NOT resignation. This is a valid human experience and I need to participate


    Assailant ~ …


    He stops

    He looks a me

    “I’m sorry, but I have to kill you”

    *I’m not shaking now but I can feel it coming on. Seamus, no, I did not shake then*

    “I’m sorry but I have to kill you”

    Another rush of energy, and I’ve now moved into a disassociative cadence

    THE GAP ~ Start the clock: 1, 2…
    I set this up
    Just as the night in that valley, I asked for this. I set this up.
    5, 6,
    I set this up as my own personal ultimate decision point in time & space. I set this up to transcend time and space. I set this up, to be here. In the gap
    7, 8, 9
    I knew what I had done Seamus. My life has been hard. My life has been hard in ways I actually CAN explain but many cannot follow. I walked right to this moment and now it was time to walk consciously. But first… I have a decision to make
    10, 11, 12
    I’m going home to my kids. I created this experience so I’ve also created the exit points. The decision is up to me. I can either use this to exit the world, or I can Observe the exit out of the situation. Either way, I’ve built in the exits
    I’m now in control. I’m the creator of this experience and the details are secondary. This was mine to make and it’s mine to unmake. I have this guy. I have this guy and he doesn’t even know it. He’s the unconscious participant – a reality I’ve just transcended.

    Every time I would move or even go to move, he would tense every muscle in his body and keep me rigidly in place

    So there’s the door. It has to happen in one quick move. I knew the way out.

    I’d shift as if I’m uncomfortable and he’d tighten up. By the time I repeated this 3 or 4 times toward the door on the opposite side of the car I was ready, and he was clueless

    In one swift move I popped the left door and with my right hand on the passenger front seat and using my legs, I leaped right out of his grasp. I popped the door and leaped right out of his grasp & onto the asphalt, all in one move.

    It was done

    I bolted into nearby trees where I quickly found a vantage point, and watched him drive away in a state of shock

    I looked up at the stars. I didn’t have to thank them. They thanked me, for saying hello


    I am shaking slightly now with that. But it doesn’t bother me, doesn’t keep me awake, didn’t result in ptsd, and doesn’t cause me fear.

    It’s the fact that it was profound. It was beyond. It was a transcended moment. A moment when all pieces, of all things, came together, clearly, and were understood. Through my actions, I knew the unknowable, and said hello

    I’m actually about thee most accepting person that I know. And for me, because everything anyone could ever say about anything, is all equally valid, I spend time alone. I consciously see the parts of people that are unconscious, to themselves. It’s overwhelming

    And Nature, asks nothing of me

    That’s why I go out there. Sasquatch is the bonus

    Thanks Guys. All my love


    Gabe and Seamus

    Rape is an ugly thing. You deserve better than my pity. So instead of pity, I wish you good tidings and strength.

    Gabriel H

    It sure is. If things had progressed to that point in my situation, well, it would have been an entirely different situation. I’m thankful that it didn’t. But for many, it has. And I suspect that that overall number is quite a bit higher than people would generally suspect

    Kim C. L

    I’ve experienced and witnessed uncontrollable shaking after being extracted by helicopter, and on the way to relative safety in Vietnam, many times.
    Odd how the shakes would began after the exposure to extreme danger.

    Gabriel H

    Kim. A tip of my hat to the life you’ve experienced. Very cool thanks for sharing that

    It’s probably *perceived* extreme danger hey? (Now that I think about it)

    Gary R

    Gabriel, that’s an incredible story. I see you as very brave for sharing this account. It seems to me that your onto something with this shakes thing. What exactly, I don’t know, but its most definitely worthy of further discussion. Thot provoking to be sure. Thanks for this post. I always enjoy reading your stuff. BTW, I’m not Gary. Gary is my husband and the account is in his name. I’m Addie 🙂

    Gabriel H

    Well Addie it is then 🙂 I will forever remember that 🙂

    What are the odds your name is Madeline and one day, while in a peach dress, this handsome young man named Gary, swept you off your feet with his dashing eyes and feats of daring in foreboding skies 🙂

    And if not let’s you and me pick a field, with a tree, and on a red & white checkered picnic blanket over a pitcher of iced raspberry thriller tea (with lemon slices of course) write a quick script to seal & send off to Hollywood 🙂 THEN, we’ll enjoy the view

    My Hello’s can be long & windy, but I promise the walk can be a splendid one 🙂 And besides, who wouldn’t want to seek shelter from the wind, in good and competent company 🙂

    Thanks Addie that’s very kind of you 🙂

    Yes I am of the opinion (but it’s not a lackadaisical one) that there is a significant piece to the human puzzle that continues to be deliberately hidden. It’s not found in our religious institutions or officiation. In fact I believe many institutions have been created with this obfuscation specifically in mind.

    If the meek shall inherit the earth, yet the meek (portrayed physically, specifically, in the presence of tremblemendous odds) are KEYS to specific leaps in understanding through Hollywood, then yes, absolutely without a doubt, there is something significant to it.

    Something amidst the fear and shaking that we currently cannot perceive ~ like Sasquatch ~ something inspiring fear and shaking, that we can’t quiet get a handle on.

    They are OF something, that we are deliberately cut off from. And something tells me, it’s both powerful and profound

    Thank-you again Addie, and regards to Gary 🙂 <giggle> Does he know your pen-name…? Too Cute

    Gabriel H

    Btw ~ to the person/persons who pick up after me by entering tag words ~ thankyou. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. I’ll buy you a cold one (or four) someday

    Gary R

    Darlin Gabriel, it’s Adeline. Where the sasquatches are concerned, it seems to me that the vibrating has to do with their ability to somehow manipulate energy. I read a series of books by Carlos Castaneda, and in them he’s being taught by a Yaqui shaman named Don Juan. Carlos is an anthropologist. He tells of how Don Juan is able to tap into these clear fibrous tissues running the length of your body and starting from the area of your belly button then running out from there. Some up and some down making a sort of egg shape if you will. Carlos was taught that they make up your body’s electromagnetic field of energy and that it’s possible to manipulate these clear shiny fibrous tissues in order to do things like keep from falling, or like in the case of a Sasquatch, cloak. I don’t know, but when I went back over this telling in his books it made more sense to me as it relates to Sasquatch. Big confession here, but I have in fact seen this cloaking ability. It was some years ago. It shifted my paradigm some, so I filed it away in my mind waiting for independent corroboration (sp?). Again, don’t got one in my garage as Wes has so many times said, but it is something to think about. Maybe a shaman class of Bigfoot???

    Kim C. L

    Thank you Gabriel,
    I’m so sorry that happened to you.

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