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    Gabriel H

    Jimmy: This is gonna sound crazy but there’s not really much that I fear. If they’re in the tree line and ship’s gonna go down, I’m the kind of guy who will go, “Okay let’s do this” You know, just to get the evidence. But here I am trembling when I talk about this.

    Anyone else here get the shakes when they are talking about something profound? I do. And I’ve noticed a couple things. Maybe you have too

    I really liked what Wes said about reliving trauma. I think he spoke that beautifully. I wanted to add a couple things. Please feel free to do the same.

    That happens to me when I’m stating or discussing something profound. And there’s something to this. It’s like vibrating between polarities. There’s a space there. A gap. It’s purely a bodily thing. And Hollywood has made deliberate recent reference to it. The two movies that come to mind are Doctor Strange and Arrival.

    Two main protagonists, accomplishing the profound, amidst trembling uncontrollably and having the shakes. Steady-Hand-Strange, emergency surgeon, nearly perishes in a car crash but then goes on to channel metaphysical energies while obsessing about his trembling hands.

    ~ Shaking while speaking profound words ~

    In Arrival, it’s a *linguistics* professor who experiences the ah-ha moment and deciphers how the septopods written language works, while noticing the steadily increasing trembling of her hands. She has the shakes. She has the shakes, and is the one who ultimately grasps the time-based way the visitors communicate. In doing so, she also bridges significant moments in her own life time line.

    The reason why I listen to people like Jimmy, speaking of the shakes *in the absence of fear* is because I believe there is a body-based transcendence taking place. In those moments, they are (IMO) bodily, in The Gap… and what they are speaking of is truly profound. So profound, in fact, that they can’t help but tremble.

    Yes, I believe fear can return and people can tremble when revisiting trauma. But Jimmy specifically stated there is no fear associated with it.

    He is a sentient being, speaking of the profound. It’s something worth sitting up and paying attention to.

    I have no doubt, that on the whole, Jimmy really is a person who can face something many people cannot, and still withstand it.

    Carolyn R

    Thank you Gabriel. I have been wondering for years why when relating to relatives of a man I trained racehorses for that his wife had killed him with race horse medicine my body not only shook but my voice also…
    I knew I wasn’t afraid of anything just shook…

    Gabriel H


    Now I’m really looking forward to what people have to say here. Thanks Carolyn. That’s incredible

    Gabriel H

    Holy Smokes… hey Carolyn, if you google “quantum shaking” you get all kinds of results.

    Here’s one: “Shaking Schrödinger’s cat may protect it from the environment”… wow…(freezing during a Sasquatch encounter… A Freeze that Frees…) another… “Shaking photons out of the vacuum” (Doctor Strange)…”Shaking the lattice uncovers universality”!? (Arrival)


    Yeah I’d say that confirms it. This is something significant in the grand scheme of things


    In my case, I rarely am afraid. Maybe due to the two bad experiences I have had that really scared me to the point thinking I was already dead.
    But I do experience shaking, and a tightness in my throat restricting my voice.
    I can get really angry, quickly, (Irish temper,lol) and the same thing happens.
    Interesting subject Gabriel, never knew that others get the shakes like this!

    Gabriel H

    I totally agree with you Pam. When all is finished, but not quite, what’s keeping us going…? Maybe shaking is literally, on the quantum level (which would be the Below to Above) what’s doing it

    And the throat thing makes total sense. If there were two “laid bare” channels at play in the body during these instances, the throat would be “the bottle neck”

    Road rage in the congested traffic

    Maybe that’s why Sasquatch may have multiple sets of vibrating vocal cords. Maybe they are entirely designed and capable of channeling what we cannot

    Gabriel H

    …now I’m kinda pissed at the downgrade ?

    Gabriel H

    Just thought of this ~ people don’t report Sasquatch shaking, but they DO consistently report a large slow form of shaking. “Swaying from side to side”

    Carolyn R

    Ty Gabriel, quite a subject but one I can sink my teeth into. 🙂

    Seamus J. C

    Interesting line of speculation, Gabriel H, et al. I hadn’t considered such a perspective, but it’s poetic, and maybe true, nonetheless (I say this as a poet, ha!)

    When I told my parents that, when I was a boy, a neighbor had molested me, my whole body shook. Now, I am quite certain that that particular shaking was fear, but I felt curiously separate from it, like I was watching something happen to my body, rather than experiencing through my body, if you dig. About myself, I also know that I have a strong tendency to dissociate. So I figured I was feeling big fear (the perpetrator had told me, at the time, that he would kill my family if I told–so on some level I was surely terrified that telling my parents would get them killed), but was still remaining to an extent dissociated from it.

    Jimmy also spoke of dissociation as a facet of the events he related. His memories flooded back when he saw and episode of Finding Bigfoot, or something like that. It “all came flooding back to me” he said. He mentioned also having repressed other memories, as he spoke about the violence of his mother (I reflected that this boy, in actual fact, had more to fear from his own mother than from sasquatch). So, I think it is possible that Jimmy was feeling his fear–shaking–but not experiencing it as entirely connected to himself.

    But then again, perhaps it was something else besides fear. Onthe other hand, in this case, I’m not sure what that might be, plausibly. As he spoke of the experience, he made very clear that his terror was extreme. And to have been shut into that freezer with the squatch standing over them! OMG!


    My vote on the shakes is fear and self-loathing.

    Seamus J. C

    In any case, a massive emotional overload, whatever it’s exact components and proportions were…But, yes, I hadn’t considered self loathing. Someone brought up in such an abusive household would usually be full of self loathing, which could attach itself, typically, to anything, intense or trivial–but especially intense things.

    Gabriel H


    What you said up there about fear and disassociation

    Ready? My turn. Two years ago I was assaulted in my vehicle late at night in a parking lot.

    Here is the advantage of disassociation but being able to also consciously remain, and not “loose time”. Essentially, to stand in The Gap.

    My assailant apologized and said, “but I have to kill you”

    So here, I am. And when all there is, is that you are, clarity occurs. 13 seconds later, I was in control. I knew the opportunity to change the outcome would occur. I just had to observe. I had to not get caught up in what was occurring, and observe the exit.

    As a result of walking what I walked ~ difficult as it may be to comprehend ~ I arrived home to my children as planned, and I’m writing these words now.

    I’ve seen people afraid and not shaking. I’ve seen people in self loathing and not shaking.

    This is different

    Thanks for sharing that Seamus. May I state I believe you are correct. And perhaps missing time is occurring when the psyche cannot withstand the experience.

    But mark my words everyone. Disassociation has its place. And those that walk without fear, can tread there. There is something to be learned here.

    If anyone else wants to reflect and share some thoughts here, please do

    Gabriel H

    Chris if you’re talk’n about fear and self-loathing that happens to take place in the vicinity of Las Vegas I’m fully on board 😉

    Danny T

    I just assume everyone is shaking from a adrenaline rush from the anxiety associated with reliving an event.

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