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    Charles Michael L

    Awesome podcast it inspired me to go out and watch the Bridgewater Triangle Documentary. I think there is weird shit everywhere. How else do you explain lights in the middle of the woods with no one around. It’s just plain weird. I personally have not seen anything except for the time in the Bell Witch Cave and my iPhone died, but it was old. I know how it feels to be watched only to turn and see nothing. I use to work in an old theater and they’d always send me to the downstairs level where all the storage rooms, dressing
    rooms a small theater for screening movies. It had a full stage complete with light rigging with a rigging loft ninety feet up above the stage. I climbed all through that place, but I always felt like I was being watched.The weirdest thing that happened was one night I was popping corn in the marque letter/popcorn room I busy popping corn when I had this feeling something was watching me when I turned around and there stood the biggest fatest rat looking at me. It was nosing around just watching me and I just about jumped out of my skin.


    I haven’t even listened to the last podcast. I’m just not into fiction. Not to say I won’t have a listen. That’s just me. But it’s Wes’s show and I’m cool w it.

    Denise F

    Girl, you knew this was gonna be a hot topic, ?


    @Denise, maybe…lol!

    Wayne K

    Bring on the woo!


    Woo Hoo!

    David R

    Me, myself, and I mostly like Sasquatch, but a good scary Dogman interview once in a while would be ok. I’m not, and never will be on the side of a Fallen Angle. I’m a flesh and blood person. I don’t believe in cloaking, mindspeak, or some other things. Now some weird things that I have heard from this show, and YouTube! Some people say it looked more like an ape while others say it looked more human. Les Stroud said what he heard in Alaska sounded to him like a Great Ape, so I think that thing was more ape then human. Then there’s the more human ones! Do they make more human sounds, or do they sound more human? KNOBBY please chime in!

    Shawn M

    I say do what ever makes wes happy. We are all damned lucky the cat puts oout 2 shows a week.for those who dont pay the monthly, Sasquatch Chronicles is privilege NOT an entitlement.

    Lisa B

    I’m fine with whatever Wes does. It pays to keep an open mind. What if it turns out that the Sasquatch ARE coming from ufo’s? I don’t think it’s that bad to have occasional weird stories. Wes is pretty good at picking interesting subjects. I always enjoy the things Wes talks about and I trust his judgement.


    That’s why Wes needs to branch out.

    Dina P

    Yes. I like them all.

    Jacqueline N

    No. I skip the shows not about Bigfoot. Just interested in Bigfoot topic. I understand him saying it’s related but still does not interest me. I do like rabbit hole Bigfoot info though and miss that a lot! But love hearing real people encounters only:)

    Jo M

    I’m sorry, Karens, did you want to speak to the manager about HIS show? ??

    Jacqueline K

    I prefer big foot.

    Jerry W

    No thank you

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 50 total)
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