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    Personally I would never trust a vaccine from a corporation which literally only has one motive: maximise profits for shareholders… let alone a man who could not even keep viruses out of his Operating System.?

    Windows was/is ridiculously vulnerable to viruses, yet people seem to be clamouring for a vaccine from the same man who created it? ?

    Bob B

    I don’t get flu shots, ever…and I never get the flu.

    It seems quite apparent that Bill Gates can’t wait to line all citizens up on the planet in order to get his shot and micro stamp. Proof of vaccination will be the mark required to have a job, a drivers license, and travel, so they say.

    I will never accept forced vaccinations, ever.

    Jeff S



    I’ve had the flu shot once in my entire life. I got a fever and felt bad for a couple of days. I could not go to college unless I showed proof of some cerain vaccinations. I had to get a Rubella vaccine even though I had measles as a kid, but I couldn’t prove it.

    I don’t ever get vaccinations, but after reading about some of the ways this coronavirus can affect you I think I might view a vaccine as the lesser to two evils and get it.


    Nada here, I prefer to take care of my immune system..

    Denise F

    I never get flu shots. I am one of the parents who vaccinated my son BUT any and all late coming new & ‘recommended’ vaccines…..I said no. The chicken pox is something we all lived through and even though shingles is a real bitch….most of us live through that….y’all get my point.

    I don’t plan on it. I know that stipulations will most likely be made to make our life harder if we don’t comply so I’ll gather more info as time goes on and weigh it out ?


    Personally, I’m a believer in vaccines. I’ve gotten most of the recommended vaccines for my demographic and will most likely get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is officially approved. I get a flu shot each year because I work on a college campus and am exposed to thousands of people in any given week. Most years I don’t get the flu. In the years that I do, it’s usually pretty mild. Before I started getting the flu shot I used to get so sick I would end up in the emergency room in need of fluids. So, for me the shot is worth it. What I’m not a believer in, is forcing anything on anyone.

    Debbie S

    No. Prefer to keep my immune system as strong as possible. I never get the shot( allergic to eggs and thimerosal) so most doctors and pharmacists won’t give me the shot…wouldn’t take it anyway. Haven’t had the flu in YEARS…decades actually. Not sure what I had this past winter…..it reminded me of when I had the flu years ago but was also different.

    Debbie S

    @Celia my sympathies. Way back when I got the Swine Flu(1980) my doctor couldn’t put me in the hospital as there were no beds. That was one of the nastiest illnesses I have ever had and by the time I was halfway well…I was dehydrated. And ended up in the hospital anyway. 🙁 your comment triggered that memory. The pneumonia I got a few years later wasn’t as rough as the Swine Flu was even though it took MONTHS for me to regain my normal energy levels. Both of those incidences are distant memories but I will never forget how sick I was! I usually don’t get sick….just struggle with seasonal allergy crap and that has been manageable even if annoying.

    Lisa B

    I confess…head down. No to ever having the flu shot but I do have to get a pneumonia shot every 10 yrs or so. I have Bronchiectasis ?

    Steven B

    I try to avoid vaccines when possible. I don’t get a yearly flu vaccine and have been blessed to not have had flu in quite some time although I did get pneumonia 5 years ago (non-flu related) that put me in the hospital for a week.

    The thing is with a possible COVID vaccine – to me it is a catch-22 situation – I don’t want COVID but I don’t trust what may be in the vaccine either. It wouldn’t be the first time that goobermint(s) told people “You NEED this” and slipped a nefarious thing or things into the vaccine or it contained nothing that the people were told it was for. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. This could all be resolved for me if people/goobermints could be trusted and have not done this kind of garbage in the past.


    Yes. They are mandatory for me.


    @Lisa ~ Oh, yes, I get the pneumonia shot how ever long it is they want it done. Yep. I do have asthma, am prone to bronchitis, and have airborne allergies to boot. Got my eye drops today & it is the first time my eyes have remained white for a while. 🙂 No flu shot though, but If I was around a lot of kids like Celia is, I probably would get the flu shot. And I agree with her as well, it is a personal choice.


    @steven B ~ Yep and Yep!

    Justin Z

    Did u know anyone that has ever had the flu shot will test positive for covid .. also did u know there is a flu shot for people with a egg allergy’s since the virus is used in conjunction with egg proteins. Found in chickens.

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