Jul 28

Coming Soon: Sasquatch Chronicles App

I am currently testing the app. As soon as I am done testing it, I have asked a few members to test it for me. As soon as I am satisfied with it, I will release it to the members. There is an iPhone and Android Version.


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  1. sandy m

    Oh and by the way… I don’t mind when you talk about or have guest on to discuss other topics. I love it!! I loved your billy the kid story. I had to do a Billy the Kid marathon after listening, lol, Don’t get me wrong I love the Bigfoot topic but your other topics are great too!! Keep up the great work!!

  2. David M

    Does anyone remember the episode number for the guy hikng with friends falls behind while on hill then sasquatch hits him catching the metal bar of his pack while bending over or slipping and gets thrown through the air into a tree…its my favourite but I cannot find it.
    I also remember it standing over him roaring everytime he tried to look up at it.

  3. Timothy D

    Maybe get some feedback from members on colors? I don’t know about the black and red as the blue and black seems to set your tone/ brand feeling, more consistently and/cool- ly. Just a thought, TD

  4. Robert H

    I hope it works like you describe in EP:486. If so, you know what this means…… time for another ROAD TRIP!!!!
    Super Duper excited!
    Thank you Wesley!

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