Aug 28

Bigfoot Spotted Beside Hwy 50 At Turkey Creek

Modern Explorer writes “Another Fremont County Sasquatch sighting. This time near the Turkey Creek gully on Highway 50.

Join Glenn as he interviews Peyton about his encounters with the elusive cryptid known as Bigfoot. Was this ‘Colorado Yellowhead’? What, or whoever it was, It is something he NEVER thought he would see – and doesn’t want to ever see again. He also tells of a frightening experience hunting alone in the swamps of Louisiana and hearing the same call on Fountain Creek only a few years ago.

Just what is wandering about on the ranches of Fremont County? Are they following the river bottoms? Peyton has some insights.”

One Response to “Bigfoot Spotted Beside Hwy 50 At Turkey Creek”

  1. Ron S

    Anyone ever think about the parallels between a sighting and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

    Is fear generated through the information we take in bringing about our inner “Ichabod Crane” or conjure the Headless one?

    I think there’s still a very good lesson in that story we should take another look at and reflect on.

    It’s bad enough we have to worry about technological balloons potentially holding a virus and then we unknowingly pop the stupid thing over ourselves, while simultaneously illegals pour in with mask mandates instated that make everyone look like an outlaw.

    Personally I think we’ll be ok, I have faith. I think mankind is absolutely amazing in what we can do when we get tired of running backwards and then start to put our best foot forward. There’s many Ichabod Cranes in the world, but don’t forget he was also a teacher.🌞🙏🏼

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