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Tech Firms Invest In Effort To Produce Mass Market Robot

Robotics startup Figure AI aims to develop a commercially viable humanoid robot that can solve worker shortages.

We’ve seen some seriously impressive robots over the last few years ranging from Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini to Elon Musk’s autonomous humanoid Optimus. But while many of these have been developed with the goal of taking over the roles of human workers in dangerous and repetitive jobs, we have yet to see a robot that can actually fulfill that promise.

This could soon be set to change, however. Enter Figure AI – a new company that aims to do what nobody has been able to so far by bringing a commercially viable, mass produced humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence to market.

Several prominent tech firms, including Microsoft, Intel, Samsung and Nvidia, have invested hundreds of millions in the project, suggesting that there are high hopes that it can succeed.

The company’s initial design is impressive to say the least and while right now it has only been shown making a cup of coffee, in the near future it should be able to perform all manner of complex tasks.

The key goal will be to make the robot genuinely useful in a work environment (unlike most of the other prototypes which look impressive but aren’t commercially useful at the present time.)

You can check out the new robot – named Figure 01 – in action in the video below.



Source: Mail Online

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