Sasquatch Chronicles

Tonight’s Show: The Pacific NW Sasquatch

A listener writes “A friend just told me about your podcast so I listened to a few episodes and read about your story. I thought I’d reach out about our encounters because we somehow got “lucky” and had 2 face to face encounters within a 2 year span in a pretty unexpected area in Eastside Olympia and then in rural Yelm.

At the time, I found BFRO and had Scott Taylor come out to both sites to corroborate our sightings & we just recently added them to the BFRO site.

Here's the first sighting Jan 2017:

To begin, I’ll say that my husband at the time of our first sighting (we’re divorced but still in touch) was an active duty Army Sniper at Fort Lewis (he is now an honorably discharged Veteran living in Oregon). He’s been deployed to Afghanistan and Thailand & in combat and is tactically trained as well as being an avid hunter since a young age, with an actual photographic memory, so he’s very sharp. He also understands the advantage of ghillie suits to hide from “the enemy” – and if you think about Sasquatch’s brown fur and how they often blend well, it’s similar.

However he did NOT believe in Sasquatch at all. We were living at a dead end near Bigelow Lake (total marshy dense foliage lake) in East Olympia in January 2017 and Anthony was out in our front driveway working on his engine with a headlamp at about midnight. He heard super heavy stomping coming from the lower marshy area from the back of our house towards the front where we had an apple tree. He thought it was an Elk by the weight maybe, but it didn’t sound like an Elk walking. Then he looked at our apple tree with the headlamp and was literally face to fact with a HUGE bigfoot. It’s eyes glowed yellow back at him and he took a knee but pulled out his Glock. It turned and stomped into the woods that led to Mission Creek Nature Park (Not preserve, but BFRO said there were sightings at the Mission Creek Nature Preserve, which is somewhat nearby).

We looked for footprints and couldn’t find any because it walked through a very wet soggy marsh area. He took about 2 days to tell me I believe. Then I contacted BFRO and Scott Taylor came out.

One note: I will say one odd thing about this encounter is the night before there were 3 of us talking in our driveway (we had military friends over on and off daily) and above our house in the tree-line was a glowing orb shape thing. My husband flew drones for the military and said he didn’t think it was a drone – even a silent one. It was very bright and non-moving. Then it just disappeared. I didn’t think much of it, but some folks say they see glowing lights close to Bigfoot encounters. My husband did not talk about it with anyone. Of course I did tell some people, but I found that people really do think you’re crazy…they don’t get excited with you at all! Even my friends who believe in UFO’s. So I stopped saying anything.

Second sighting Oct 2019:

It was 2019 and we’d since moved to a rural 5 acre rental in Yelm off Vail Rd. Our property faced our neighbor’s horse pasture and we could see into it including the barn that was there. One night in Oct. my husband was smoking on our front porch at about 1am and saw something trigger the motion light in the pasture. That property was vacant because it was for sale at the time, so there were no horses or people there. He said it illuminated a tall but skinnier (than the one before) sasquatch. Once the light came on it started walking quickly and over the fence (he said as easy as walking over a baby-gate). This time he came and woke me up & is NEVER flustered but he was flustered..nothing phases him, even combat he’s calm.

Anyways, we went out on the front porch again. It’s super quiet out there & we could hear something big breathing loudly in the tree line. No knocking or other noises. Then it stopped. So the next morning I scheduled an appt to see the house since I’m a licensed Realtor & we went to scope the muddy pasture out for prints. Sure enough, there were prints where we thought they’d be! I have a video but it’s not that great. You had to have been there. Us seeing them was enough for us. But we did call Scott again to come look & he saw some other signs. It was amazing we had 2 actual visual encounters.”

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