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Tonight’s Show: The Size Of A Large Freezer Running On Two Legs

Fletcher writes “Greetings Wes, I grew up on a 30acre working Thoroughbred horse farm outside LittleRock, AR. It backed up to Deltic Timber land which today is over 2 million acres nationwide. Unhunted, untraveled, unmolested etc with Rock Creek running through the property and a fully stocked pond. Every critter/food source imaginable available.

*First one *was from a car on a rainy night on a remote road a couple of miles from the farm. It/he came within less than 10ft of my passenger window as we(mom) slowly navigated the stormy dark conditions. Had a pig the size of the first microwaves on the market under its right arm coming down steep embankment of mud. Crossed the road behind the car after we passed in 2 strides.

*Second one* got peaked and paced(by at least 2 maybe 3) out/back to work truck at property line which began the Deltic Timber holding/land.

Took me 40yrs to tell a soul about and only because a friend shared her’s first. She was from north LA and swam in college in south AR, traveling back and forth through Fouke to get to school/home. Her stories sounded soooooo fkn legit and honest I relayed mine to her for the first time ever. Story swap was about 10yrs ago and occurred within a few months of discovering you and Vic Cundiff and really locking into the therapeutic and healing possibilities of sharing my experience. Bear & Coonbo both contributed just from shear southern proximity and legitimacy.

I am currently in a process of self examination and reinvention and am ready to discuss anything.”



The JUSCO ATM Phantom

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