Sasquatch Chronicles

The Confessionals: Nephilim Portal Babies

Tony writes “In Episode 488: Nephilim Portal Babies, we have a very large crossover show with Joel Thomas from VanTesla and Kill The Mockingbirds, Erick from uNcomfortable, and Justin and Jay from Cryptids of the Corn.

A few months ago we put out an episode with Joel called “Rise Of The Nephilim” and as he started to share his theory about what he thinks is happening with fallen angels and Nephilim hybrids, our technology malfunctioned. I most likely would not have thought twice about it, except that this wasn’t the first time it had happened to Joel when talking about this specific subject matter. Weird tech glitches happened during his recordings on both Justin and Jay’s podcast and Erick’s podcast. Not only that, Joel also predicted that we would have tech issues when we recorded our show together. When it actually happened, it gave me a reason to be intrigued. We started to feel like there was someone or something making a concerted effort to keep this information from getting out. So we planned for all the guys to join me at my studio to get the story out in one shot, once and for all. On Episode 488, we share a recording that lasted over 4 hours, talking about what brought us together, Joel’s theory on the Nephilim portal babies, and what happened to us the night before the recording at an Airbnb the guys had rented.”

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