Sasquatch Chronicles

Presentation on Bigfoot Vocalizations

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Presentation on Bigfoot Vocalizations by Mononga Hela, a U.S. Military Cryptologic Linguist.

During KBRO’s 2022 Fall Bigfoot Expedition in Kentucky, we had the pleasure of having Mononga Hela present his research! There are not many Bigfoot “experts” in this field, but we feel MH is one!

For a second time in a row, at this same location, years apart, Mononga Hela’s presentation (call blasting basically) elicited responses from the local Bigfoots! In addition, some audience members observed eyeshine in the forest behind his presentation!”

“I can’t tell how many individuals were out there, but I feel like it was more than two. I did notice that my recorder by the wood line may have been pelted a couple times by small objects. I can hear them in the recording, clearly, but chose not to include them in this video.” -Mononga Hela


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