Jan 29

Your thoughts on The Falcon Project..

Do you think The Falcon Project…

Will finally prove Sasquatch is real
Is a waste of time and money
Will produce limited results at best
Not sure what to think
Shannon is my favorite on the show

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44 Responses to “Your thoughts on The Falcon Project..”

  1. Ryan m

    i’ve heard meldrum talk about the staggering cost of it. My question is: what is the difference between their drone, and the drones everyone else is flying in their back yards nowadays?

    • Ira D

      The “drones” the average person has access to are essentially toys. Very limited flight times and ranges with a single operator. These have rather poor cameras with low resolution used for flying the craft. These drones often do have high def cameras on board but this footage is only recorded to on-board storage for later playback when the drone is retrieved. The drone the Falcon project plans to use is capable of staying aloft for about 10 hours and can carry a significant payload. Plus it will be operated by a ground crew.

  2. Dave T

    Any information gained is a good thing. It will not prove prove the existence of this creature no matter how good the footage they get. Again, like a broken record………..it will take a body and nothing else.

  3. Gabriel H

    Shannon is my favourite on the show. Now, despite being not sure what to think, she is hypothesizing that The Falcon Project (which she adds is a waste of time and energy) will produce limited results at best. What do YOU think will finally prove sasquatch is real?

  4. Robert V

    Having a team of individuals on the ground for six months straight, in deep secluded area know for sightings. Having an option of aerial surveillance at a moments notice. Having expert trackers on the ground with the team, and having hand held HD thermal video in the hands of all the ground team inserted for ground surveillance…HMM…I think you guys are missing something here.

    • michael r

      missing what? quit brinng city idiots into area that we have lived our lives in, that we have had dozens of class b’s in. why do the city people think that they can come into our back yards and think that they “know better”

  5. Robert V

    Seriously, I think they should come up with something… was landing on the moon a waste of money? How can you put a price on research of this magnitude. I know that some “Experts” were not invited, tough luck…the experts have done little till now to produce anything even comparable to John Green and Rene, and Bob Titmus did with so much less technology, but with a whole lot more determination and time spent in the field.

    • Don M

      Shannon, I had to click it LOL. You’re intelligent, very well spoken and gorgeous to boot – how can that be bad. Sounds like a winning combination to me. The more people to click that “Shannon” button the more Wes has to realize your importance to the show. He made a smart move adding you to the cast and he knew it back when he did it. It was just “good fun” adding the”Shannon” choice in there, when the question really was based around the success of the Falcon Project. Way to go Wes – surely you were the mastermind behind the grouping of choices we had – throwing Shannon in there was clever. Cannot help but picture Wes sitting there with his dark glasses on, with a mischievous smile – he knows it was genius adding you to show. want to wish you all continued success.

  6. Norman Racca

    @ Robert V
    I personally do not believe we ever “been to the moon” so yeah….that hoax was a big waste of time and money as well….
    No nasty emails in my direction…..”And i’m frk’n serious” DON’T…..DO IT!!! 🙂
    Obama said I can believe what I want!!!

  7. Tyler D

    I can definitely relate to Shannon. I’m a huge sasquatch enthusiast. I would like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable on the subject. But God, I want to see one sooo bad. N just like her I’m from southern Nevada

  8. Casey M

    I’d personally like to see the project fail. Bigfoot deserves privacy and the other campers, hikers, hunters do too. Not everyone believes in these creatures and we should respect that( later you can say “I told you so”). Cameras and drones on private property are fine, but flying over public access and observing people at a distance seems wrong, creepy, and invasive. Jeez, we just keep pushing deeper and deeper in to their domain. If I was a Bigfoot, had a home, I’d be pissed as hell if some group of people setup show inside my property line. Lol. Does a bigfoot know how to “love thy neighbor”. I believe the Native people understood and practiced how to maintain a relationship with these creatures. Maybe through trial and error but now they all LEAVE THEM ALONE. Do you honestly think these creatures lives will improve if we capture one or even just prove their existence? So we can have Sasquatch Zoos??! Please don’t talk to me about safety, that these creatures are a danger to people. So what. Live a little. Surfers swim with sharks and generally bare no ill will if bitten. I’m just saying maybe the line we draw should be before proving they exist. Way before whether or not we capture or kill one. Again, just sayin’.

  9. betty e

    they have the money, don’t let them fool you. If not then meldrum should come off that stash he has and support it…The only problem is what ever it shows or finds there not going to let us know the real truth anyway, maybe a small,very small amount. And that’s only what they want you to know………

  10. John K

    I always thought the use of some sort of drone that could detect co2 levels and cover large areas with little or no sound would be the best bet for getting some solid evidence, but I still think they need boots on the ground to respond ready to bag one.

  11. William L

    Well, I hope they do come up with something since I’m going to be a runner for them! Thank you Shannon for posting the podcast; thanks to you I’m going to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

    • Charles R

      So William you are the MacGyver of the group. I wish you guys the best of luck and sincerely hope some awesome results come of this. This project has been long in the making and has never been done before and certainly deserves the effort. Nothing ventured nothing gained. When you all get together give a big shout out to MIKE BROOKRESON for me. We have been in contact since he first discovered a family of Sasquatches shacking up on his family’s ranch outside of San Antonio, and subsequently started a most unique habituation project. Mike was the person who clued me in how good Bob Garrett and his team was.
      Happy Hunting.

      • William L

        Thanks, Chuck. I am getting more and more pumped with each passing day. I certainly give Mike a big “Hey” from you. I was just reading his bio yesterday and he sounds like an interesting guy; honestly they all seem like interesting guys each in his own way. I do like tinkering with stuff and there isn’t much I haven’t dug into and worked on whether plant, animal or mechanical/electrical. I do have a very eclectic background.

        I hate what happened with Bob as I only subscribed to his channel early in the Fall. I hope he changes his mind and starts doing research again and sharing it whether on U2Be, a website or private blog. Thanks again, Chuck.

  12. Tyler D

    I think Shannon is my favorite. I have a lot in common with her. She’s going to go far in this subject, you can just tell. I’m extremely passionate about the subject. From one passionate person to another. You can tell she loves the topic

  13. jeff m

    Wes, Will, and Shannon, please interview William Barnes of the Falcon project. I have heard him interviewed on other shows and the project seems promising at least worthy of the listeners here. The last time I heard Mr Barnes interviewed he appeared optimistic that the project could start this spring. He stated that there were large donors who were able to get this project off the ground. Once you hear Mr Barnes speak about the project many of your questions about the validity of a project like this could be answered. I certainly hope that this project gets moving and produces more information regarding Sasquatch.

  14. E Meredith L

    The real question is even if there are spectacular things brought to light – great footage, etc what are the chances of it ever seeing the light of day because of high level suppression? Investors in the project would have to be wondering about that. On the other hand, there may be a lucrative underground market for very high quality films of BF in which case the footage obtained by drones, surveillance balloons, etc have a high underground value that entices investors.

  15. Nick J

    Waste of time! Im on the body wagon.
    There are 3 possible ways to prove the exist imo.
    1. The goverment comes out with a statement and the proofs the have (not gonna happen)
    2. A dead Sasquatch/bones.
    3. A brave soul makes a HD moveis with interaction with one, just like u see with mountaingorillas up and close (bad breath close)

    So i think we are pretty much left with the option of finding a dead one and bring it in and not run into MIB on your way to CNN headquaters.

  16. Robert V

    Micheal, Norm, and Casey,

    I think your opinion of outsiders coming in and invading your private lands in not at all accurate, this will be conducted on public lands and possibly reservation lands. To assume that these are city individuals is completely wrong as well, the individuals were picked based their fitness and capabilities. I am sorry to say to Norm that, yes, America has put a man on the moon. If you have not come to terms with that then I guess there is no point in trying to sell you on this project.
    I am really sorry to be on board with this project, unlike some of you, but anything is worth a try and you cannot hide these things
    forever in the woods in your backyard. I myself have them visit and have recorded them right near my backyard, and yes despite
    your opinions I am a red neck, drive a pick up, live on a river, and support the Falcon Project… even if it needs to land in my backyard.

  17. Robert V

    To preempt your next question, no I do own a flute, but I do own a guitar and can do a fair bit of singing when the need calls upon it, and if playing those would allow me to study the creature better, well then I would certainly go that route. You might be surprised to know that I support groups like the NAWAC who are attempting to collect a specimen, and that I do think that in certain instances these creatures can be very dangerous, however I do not think that this is the norm, and to paint the creature as purely aggressive is definitely inaccurate and irresponsible.

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