May 25

What Else Could It Be?

A listener writes “Wes, I’d love to discuss whats happened to me in the past while living in Collins Ms. Ive tried to reach out to Kerry from bigfoot odyssey.

I’ve heard his encounter and believe it happened somewhere within 10 miles of where I lived, when i had what happened to me. He said he was hunting on beau magees land. Which a relative of mine also from Collins told me they think that families land was very close to my old cabin. The cabin was in the deep woods and there was a creek maybe 250 ft behind the cabin separated by thick folage.

If I’m wrong about where Kerry was hunting Collins is not a very big town and for me hearing his story made not feel as crazy for thinking Bigfoot was close by. It all started when I was refinishing a drum kit on my back deck. I was sanding down a drum, when I turned the sander off I heard what I thought was a man yell. Wes the yell part went on for 20 seconds. Here’s the thing that yell turned into what I can only describe as a lions roar. It was all fluent the roar portion lasted at least 15 to 20 seconds as well.. It felt like it was a 100 ft away between the creek and the cabin in the thick folage behind the house. I felt it in my chest, I couldn’t think straight it was so loud. I dropped the sander and stood still staring into the woods. I didn’t see anything but I couldn’t move it was like I was frozen. When I snapped out of it I ran into the house and my dog was inside shaking and whimpering. I had loud bangs that would randomly knock the hell out of the cabin after this incident. I would always play it off saying a limb fell, although it would scare me bad. One night soon after hearing the roar I heard mumbling from 2 individuals on the back patio. This was around 2 am, I woke up from my recliner and heard this, I snuck up to the back door of my 1 bedroom Cabin with my 12 gauge and I screamed I’ve got a gun as I racked it.

I heard all my patio furniture being knocked down as they ran off. I was so creeped out I carried my dog in one hand and my pistol in the other and left to head to a family memebers house. Another night I was on a date with a girl. The power went out. We were on the front porch and its way out in the country. We couldn’t see a foot in front of our face. We both heard this deep guttural growl from behind the cabin and we ran inside. We heard it again while inside, I got my 12 gage and handed her my pistol. I’m pretty sure she thought I was a nut. Needless to say she didn’t come back around. For a little background this cabin was a part of a hunting camp my family has been members of since I was 12. I’m 35 now, I rented that cabin for 3 years. I killed my first dear 150 yards into the woods behind it. There are 1500 acres of woods surrounding it. I had never heard nor seen anything out of the norm there in all that time. I didn’t believe sasquatch was anywhere in Ms or could be there.. That yell/roar was so close and so out of this world there is no way in my opinion it could have been anything but sasquatch.

Its what got me into scouring the internet about the subject. Its how I found your show. What else on this earth could start off sounding like a man and end up vibrating your chest like a lion? Ive never heard any sound clip that could relate to it. I feel like Kerry from Bigfoot Odyssey validated my encounters. Maybe mine could validate him as well. My family laughs at me, my grandparents still live a mile from there. When I tried to talk to my grandfather, who is a lifelong hunter he tried to tell me some kind of bird makes strange noise around there. I just shook my head, I wish they could have heard what I did. I’d love to talk to you about these things. Maybe the knocks were limbs, maybe the mumbling was people up to no good. Maybe the Growl that night was some kind of animal. That’s how I thought when I lived there. But what I heard no one will ever tell me that was a man, a bear, panther, or anything but a sasquatch. Once I heard your show I believe one or more sasquatch were close.”

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  1. DONNA G

    I work in Jackson, Ms. In January, 2016,the show Finding Bigfoot has a meeting in Jackson to give a chance for People who have possibly had encounters with Bigfoot in the State to tell their stories. I expected to hear more sightings from Northern Miss. because I had heard so many stories from Bear and Coonbo from that area. To My surprise, there were more People there that were from central to southern Miss. One Lady that had a sighting was from Magee Ms. which is just about 10 -13 miles from Collins Ms. So this Man from Collins Ms probably has had an encounter with one or more of bigfoot. I dug up a couple of short news clips of the Finding Bigfoot meeting in January 2016. The episode was broadcast in May 2016, which was Season 10 Episode 3. The Booger Hole. I would love to hear this Man’s story also.

  2. Todd W

    I hope that fella watches his dog ,I believe he does . Kerry said that the folks he leased the land from couldn’t keep animals around . Theres a good chance it’s the same clan

  3. Denise F

    It seems they notice you when you notice them.
    Poor guy, always a bad feeling when you gotta get that pistol out….. something or someone is too close.

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