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  1. Tyler D

    Man, I don’t think we can thank you enough for this awesome website. I’m very interested in this topic n you guys had a huge part to play in that. You guys are on to something here no doubt about it

  2. PJ

    What a great interview; well spoken Wes, as always. It is so interesting I find that a topic that once could make me want to hide in shame, because of some of the questionable characters associated with it… now makes me feel rather proud to count myself in good company with the likes of Wes, and Will. You did us all proud…and you guys continually do us proud with you conduct and demeanor and serious approach to the topic of Sasquatch. Thanks for representing us so well, those of us who will never be heard in the wider world, who find ourselves often reluctantly drawn in. Thank you for being a voice that reflects so well and so positively for the many who have shared the experience of a face to face encounter.

  3. Mr.Crypto

    wow wes, that was awesome and so informative.. thank you for sharing this interview with us.

    these damn sasquatch gotta be taken out. I feel so bad for the families of the missing people who have been killed by them and not only that, stop and imagine for just a moment one of these things grabbing you. A monster out of your worst nightmares and it being the last thing you see as it rips you into pieces.. i cant even fathom it. the terror is just unimaginable.


  4. margaret h

    Hey Wes, just wanted to say what a great interview you did with Christopher Corry from Underground Railroad. So much information that I had to watch several times (well, didn’t have to but did watch several times). Loved the bit about Feds telling employees that if they go into certain areas in WA and OR that they have to go in 3’s minimum and be armed. Feel sorry for the BEARS who get such a bad rap all the time. Thanks again Wes. M xo

  5. Stuart w

    Great interview as always !!
    Chris sounds like a stand up guy and hats off for plugging the show !
    It is intended well worth the subscription I would pay double as I love the show
    by the way Chris the drum beat is mega reminds me of my old school raving days loll
    Squatch on! !!!!!

  6. Andrew O

    Excellent show, and great interview. I always like hearing Wes and Woody’s experiences.

    If it was a film you’d disbelieve it, but knowing it happened sends chills down my back.

  7. Dave T

    If the heat ever starts coming down on you guys Wes, don’t knuckle under to these gov’t bastards. Be a soldier and fight the good fight. You guys have a great thing going and I hope you can see it through. I will continue to support your show and hope it’s here for a long time.

    • Michael M

      I hope so Dave and agree. But if you get on the Dept of the Interior’s radar, how long are you going to be able to hold out and “fight the good fight”? Easier said than done. Far better to stay underground, in the mean time. The Feds have all of the resources of “1984”, and it is not a fair fight. All of Bob Garrett’s email, Internet traffic and phone calls is listened to or intercepted. We need to mobilize and unify, make this as inclusive as possible, eventually with so many people demanding the truth, they will be forced to go to plan B, and spill on us the truth.

  8. Robert V

    I have stated in previous posts my skepticism concerning this Government cover up and the possibility of deaths related
    to the Bob Garrett situation. I am going to give Wes the benefit of the doubt on his honesty, because he has not given me
    any indication of lying in telling his story repeatedly, and believe me I was looking for any sign of him fabricating or contradicting
    himself. So am I admitting this whole story is true as represented, possibly, but I believe Wes believes it to be true. I still think
    that we need to be careful not to demonize the creatures, as we would not demonize other large predators, but rather respect
    and protect them, not by setting aside habitat, but by banning them being killed. If they do become a problem in a certain area
    and the government actually has the means to remove them, then I think they should take necessary action to protect the public,
    or perhaps they could tranquilize them if they are so capable of hunting them down at will, which still seems improbable to me.

  9. Renee B

    Excellent interview. Every time I hear Wes and Woody’s story I’m struck by two things, one being Wes’ sincerity and two that creepy spider like movement of the bigfoot. I can’t wait to see the photos of that area. One word of advice tho, go there only in the daylight.

    • Michael M

      Whoever coined the phrase, “Forest Ninjas” was spot on. They can drop down like that in a split second and assume the lowest of possible profiles. Jack Lalanne did push-ups spread out like that; it requires immense strength. So amazing, given their gigantic size. Wes and Woody made a very unusual and key observation!! Physicality is one of their major survival niches and they are out of our league. If one of these creatures is hunting us, we could be “toast”. Maybe one reason they don’t like dogs, is that they know it is much more difficult to sneak up on them.

  10. Scott A

    Not only do they keep the public in the dark, they keep the forestry workers in the dark.

    “Go in groups of three and armed.”
    “Why do we need to do that now?
    “If you don’t like it, quit.”

    So they are armed but not trained to go against sasquatches and not even told that is what they might run into. What good is having a gun if they are going to be too gobsmacked, frozen and afraid to use it because they have no confidence that it will stop them dead? They are not trained regarding which part of the body to shoot, or these creatures own abilities and tactics. And they will not know how many others might be watching. Is one in their gunsights worth taking a chance on two or three jumping out of a bush and ripping their heads off?

    And these people put up with being kept in the dark – for a pension. I wonder if they are told not to tell their families or anyone else. And if they got killed then the government would tell their wives or husbands and families that it was a bear. And that they cannot see the body (if they find it).

    These are crimes. All the people involved in concealing the danger and intimidating witnesses belong behind bars after public trials. And I’m pretty sure those would be the trials of the century.

    “I was only following orders.” is what Nazis used as their defense for their inhumanity. I imagine it will also be “Gary Callahan’s” defense as would be the case for all the guilty.

    This “Gary Callahan” and his father “Todd Callahan” (if these are their real names or whatever their names are) should be shown. It would be nice to have photos and dossiers on each of them.

    To learn how to track these creatures but keep their fellow Americans ignorant and intimidated is reprehensible. Wouldn’t it be nice if “Gary Callahan” wound up behind a desk because they couldn’t send him out doing dirty work anymore because everyone recognized him and knew he was full of it?

    “You saw a bear, there’s no such thing as Bigfoot or Sasquatch or leprechauns, you idiot. And it is in your best interest to keep your mouth shut. We know your aunt is on disability and needs the money living here on the reservation so shut up. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Huh? I wasn’t listening.”

    “Don’t f*ck with me!”

    “F*ck you – Gary.”

    I wonder if his father would say that this is right. The First Nations people and Native Americans did not learn to track and then go back to their village and keep nearby sasquatches a secret from the rest of their tribe.

    The longer this is kept secret the worse it will be for them when it gets out. And it would be better for them to say something before they are outed by someone broadcasting the evidence. But first they would need to have a way to spin it that people will accept.

    However, that won’t fly with anyone who lost someone, including those who are elderly now who lost their little boy or little girl to these creatures long ago when they were a young couple, when their family was intact, followed by a lifetime without closure, in it’s place regret, heartbreak, second guessing, blaming each other, blaming themselves, living a broken life with a hole with their kid should be.

    But anything for a pension.

    “At least you don’t see them f*cking each other over for a goddamn percentage.” – Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in the film “Aliens” speaking to Paul Reiser’s corporate character, Burke, to make the point that he is worse than the aliens.

    These people are worse than the Sasquatches.

  11. Scott A

    Michael M, Thank you for shedding some light on this. Perhaps this was relevant to one specific area in which they since sent a kill team who took care of the problem.

  12. Eddie M

    Every time I hear Wes’s and Woody’s experience it makes me greatful what I saw was in a tree and I thought it was a released or escaped Gibbon. That would have warped my perception of being in the woods…and I love being in the woods. I realize now there were no large Gibbons in those mountains and I am glad mom & dad did not show up….thanks Wes great job.

  13. claire r

    I cant watch this, wes is great clearly spoken and attentive. The interviewer appears odd, agitated, unclear on whats hes trying to say, gives the impression hes on something. I simply cant watch.

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