Jul 17

Watch: Trailcam video

Editors note> I want to thank Gail for sending this to me.

NvTv is the YouTuber who posted this video and NvTv writes “Here is a clip of what some people call a Bigfoot caught on camera! However the skeptics state the follow: 1. Its CGI 2. Its Fake/ Hoax not Real, A man in a costume! 3. The clip description of a 10 second delay is all made up and bs! 4. Bigfoot will not walk infront of a trail camera, they are aware of their surroundings! 5. Why is the trail camera set inside a tent with bright white light, surely the Bigfoot would have seen it! 6. Too skinny to be a Bigfoot! 7. This Bigfoot walks more upright like a human! Real Bigfoot has a hunched over walk! As you can see closely there are some muscle movements on the creatures back as you play it very slowly. Also you can see the big ear on the creature. Some say this is a juvenile Bigfoot that is why it is skinny. What do you think?”

Here is the video clip

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      • Lou V

        Mike, you didn’t know that when bears walk on two legs there ears turn from canine to human and that they grow human shoulders?? I thought everyone knew that? Once they drop back down on all fours there traditional anatomy returns. It’s quite unique in the animal kingdom. Animal planet did a show on it called ” two legged bear transformation syndrome ” Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs narrates. Check it out when you have time great show. The only other animals that transform like that are giraffe when they lay down they look like coffee tables then boom they stand up giraffes again. Nature man it’s crazy!

    • Lou V

      A bear? Really? Or maybe it’s a beaver on a jet ski? That’s either CGI or one of those bigfoot that people report being more human looking.

  1. Michael J

    I agree with the skeptics–video looks doctored (CGI). From what I understand about Sasquatch behavior, they will do anything to avoid IR, esp. from trail cams.

  2. Jan W

    I am not sure what to think either. But the link provided by Vinnie (thanks!) questions why Shawn didn’t send to CNN, or Fox News, or the NY Times? Why would he send to the lame stream media? The ears are prominent, which I have not seen before. Also, a strange light in the lower right-hand corner after the creature goes by. Who knows?

    • Jim D

      That’s what “stuck out” for me too Jan, the ears. I’ve never seen ears like that, as prominent as that on any bigfoot . Now people who are saying this is a CGI bear are off, bears don’t have shoulders that stick out and away from the neck, they kind of are shaped almost like a teepee. But…having said all that I think it’s pretty clear that with the cartoon-like feel of this clip that it is indeed not a real living, breathing creature. I call hoax.

  3. Donna K

    So Wes. Is this anything like what you saw? I really don’t care what the skeptics think. I want to know from people who have actually seen them if this is what it looked like for them. Pretty wild looking video. But those who have seen them will know if it’s real or not.

  4. Seamus J. C

    Someone somewhere has to catch one with a hi-def camera. Just once? It doesn’t look like a guy in a suit to me, more likely CGI if it’s a hoax. Something about the way it moved didn’t look human, but CGI has that effect. Not seeing the muscles moving, really. I wonder what Thinker Thunker would say.

  5. Aaron L

    The video does remind me of CGI and most reports claim that sasquatch do not bob up and down as we do when we step. If you watch the Patterson footage patties head remains nearly constant along a vertical plane. Very little up and down movement and she is moving at a much more frantic pace than this supposed creature is.
    Like most have said there isn’t enough information which for me is a huge red flag of a hoax.

  6. r v

    OK, ok. It was me. (hangs head in shame) I hadn’t shaved in, like, three weeks. I just can’t live with the hiding anymore. The shame…

  7. Robert W

    Yeah would have to lean more on the side of fake or hoax. Just not as big as you would expect the squatch to be but hard to tell the scale from the video. It would be great to get some really good trail cam photos and I’m really looking forward to Bob Garrett’s work! Have a great rest of the weekend. Robert

    • Lou V

      Dallas your right because any real video that’s put out will be called a fake. I don’t mean the above video cause this one is a bit off but no matter what is put out someone will call it fake. The people that have the videos and pictures or have seen sasquatch don’t need to release it though they already know it’s true and once you know who cares what anyone thinks.

  8. James B

    I don’t usually comment on videos, but there is something really striking me about this one, I almost feel a “alphabet organization” has a hand in it. I just have a bad feeling like, cover up, slight of hand. lookie here, but not here. needs some serious digging!

  9. Lou V

    I just mixed grand daddy purple and mango kush in a huge Blount and now I agree with James L and Joann it’s a bear! Or if not a bear it’s a shortfin mako shark either one of those cause that’s what it looks like clearly.

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