Jan 12

Watch: This footage from Roseville has gone viral

I question this video but I wanted to share it.-Wes

Here is what the Bigfoot Evidence posted “Last week, a footage was sent to a Paranormal group by a photographer/videographer who specializes in aerial videography using a quadcopter. Supposedly, the quadcopter inadvertently film a squatch and the owner didn’t noticed it until they got home. The footage has picked up over 40k views, not including the original video. While it’s possible this could be a real squach, some are claiming that its feet is too small and the arms of the creature is too short to be a squatch. “Bigger feet require more leg angle in the gait to accommodate them. This is why the more believable alleged bigfoot video’s have that higher leg angle in the gait. The human sized foot-length renders the human-like leg angle in the gait of the subject in this video. This is human,” wrote on commentor. Check out the footage if you haven’t seen it:”



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  1. Colin T

    I guess hoaxing via drone is as desperate, needy and craving attention/recognition for something as on the ground and obviousley needs a better monkey suit. This falls right in the box labelled as false – subtitled “when social awareness is led astray”

  2. Tyler D

    You can only speculate on what that was. Honestly that could be a lot of things. N why does it reverse when it gets a view of whatever that is. A little sketchy

  3. Joseph B

    I agree, easy to fake, but lets first ask why. What would be the gain? To hope for a viral video on some one’s home, NO. To get a semi-viral video of your buddy in a black ape suit? It is not just black clothes and a black hoodie. However, if the unit is just flying a grid pattern and the controller can not see what he is filming, that kind of eliminates that. I will say the creature is huge, has an odd gate, and seems relaxed. That last point of being relaxed kind of bothers me. They seem to be so stealthy in 90+% of the sightings, that seeing one walk in what can be described as carefree, makes it scream fake, but do we really know how they act when they feel they are 100% alone and just heading down to the creek for water?? Pretty cool either way……

  4. Shawn

    I live very close to Roseville near sacramento. The land is mostly plains and spread out, expensive suburban houses. It’s a nice area and quite a bit of undeveloped land. If this is a real creature, if could be heading north into the thick plains, or heading east towards the Sierra Nevada foothills. It could definitely stay hidden in this area..

  5. Howard D

    Looks like a guy in a Gorrilla costume to me because the legs appear to have no taper just like a costume would. As far as location it would have to be about or above Auburn due to the presence of Gray Pine ,White Thorn and Oak , quite a lot of homes in that area but it is very close to one of the most rugged river canyons in the state of California.

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