Mar 12

Watch: The Origin of the Bigfoot Legend


Stories of a giant, hairy creature that appears half man and half ape have existed in various parts of the world for many centuries.

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  1. Christopher c

    Ray Wallace ,the guy who claimed responsibility for hoaxing Bigfoot prints ,would be happy to know that prints of the creature are still being found 13 years after his passing,I am proud to say that I have found my first footprint in 2008 on the backside of Crater Lake Or.,I was taking a leak off the side of the road and as I was relieving myself I heard rushing water so I ventured through the pine forest towards the sound of rushing water as I got thought the tangle of trees i found myself overlooking Castle Creek and as i looked down this tight canyon I noticed a bare footprint in the soil the first thing I noticed is that it was a flat foot no heel arch like we have ,the print was about 9″ long and about 4″ wide and the next thing that crossed my mind was who would be walking out here barefooted because I had to go back to the truck to put my shoes on to go where I heard the rushing water in the canyon because there was so many sharp pine cones and pine needles and sharp rocks that I just couldn’t see anyone walking where I walked barefooted,as soon as i came to this conclusion I ran back to the truck to get the disposable camera and took some pictures I wished I had some plaster but I wasn’t even ready for what I found and still had to make good road time if I was going to be in Klamath that night, so it was a lucky find even though it looks to be a juvenile print ,one thing i know for sure :Ray Wallace couldn’t be responsible for this as he’d been deceased for 6 years,now all we need to worry about is Mick Dodge for carrying on Ray’s hoaxing legacy.

  2. Tyler D

    Does anybody know when the next Show will be airing? N why does Jeff Meldrum have to be in EVERY SINGLE Sasquatch documentary? He lost a lot credibility after the whole Todd Standing multiple hoaxes B.S., it’s kinda the whole guilty by association type thing. N almost everybody he associates with is a complete clown

  3. PaddySquatch

    Well, all these docs on bigfoot were made before Meldrum made an ass of himself, he was respected by most. Sadly that is no longer the case, he will always be linked to standing

  4. Esther P

    Okay, this video would be great if I could see it better & it would have helped if the title video title was correct… and so I searched & searched & found the actual info on this video: “National Geographic Channel – Is It Real? – Bigfoot” – Season 1, Episode 4 (aired 6/23/2005). I found but 3 full version videos on this one documentary that aired in 2005 and in looking for a better video, this video link is a bit better but not by much, and like the other videos the title is not correct ( note: I spent most of my life working & hated watching TV and rarely watched movies and that’s why I could not for the life of me figure out when this BF documentary aired) Anyhoo, here’s another link that’s a little bit better for viewing for those who are interested… “The Origin of the Bigfoot Legend Paranormal Documentary Claudia Sanders”

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