Jan 28

Watch: The Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape – (with enhancements)

Phil at ParaBreakdown just posted the best enhancement to date. Take a look at the “tail” or whatever you think it is.

13 Responses to “Watch: The Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape – (with enhancements)”

  1. greg d

    Enhanced, not enhanced. Stabilized, not stabilized. Still can’t see any detail, just a silloette. But it is intriguing. Love when a dude puts a big FBI warning on a video he ripped off from someone else.

  2. Lindsey B

    In the background just over the figure, something is shaking a tree or a bush. It could be that the figure knocked it, but it looks like the bush/tree is a few feet behind the creature. Maybe there was another one there, the figure in the foreground didn’t seem to be bothered by the shaking, it only reacted when it heard a sound from the guy shooting the video.
    I’m not sure it is real but if it is a hoax someone has done their homework.

    As for the tail? I think it might be a stick to be honest. Unless you guys have a gruffalo running around over there 🙂

  3. Charles R

    Others have said the same Lindsey B, however I do not see it, but maybe there is. I saw something moving to its left but it is a leaf or bush top moving that is closer to the filmer. A couple of days ago Rnan M pointed out this creature is fishing and walks away with a fish, maybe catfish or gar and I see that when I look at this, maybe 50 times now. I do hope someone else can play with this and bring out what is really happening. This film is maybe of quality enough to do this.

  4. william g

    Folks it appears to me he’s smashing something in the head, and he picks it up with his left hand which you can’t see because of his body.The tail looks like a possum tail when it flashes out behind his body.It appears to be something larger than a fish ion his left hand.

    • Charles R

      They can not talk about it because it is winter. Never knew they had a winter in Tampa, anyway that is about as lame an excuse as possible. I wonder why the witness and filmer is not responding to emails. Does he think he has the definite proof and is in consultation about how to make millions off of this?. Just do the Beard Card thing and come out with all you know and then do a follow up.

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