Jun 22

Watch: The Hoffman Film – A closer look

I want to thank Anthony Martin for posting this in the Facebook group. The YouTuber CryptoWatch writes “I have decided to take another look at the Hoffman video. It’s one of the top videos but does it show a Bigfoot or something else?”


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  1. Dave T

    Looks pretty good. Only thing I don’t like is th fold on the back by the shoulder. It just doesn’t appear normal. It’s like the skin or hide is loose which shouldn’t be in that area. Should be bulging with muscle around the shoulders keeping the skin tight. The walk and it’s gait look right. If it’s a hoax, it’s a good one.

  2. Travis L

    I’m not really sure about this one. If you notice with its arm swing there is no noticeable articulation of any upper back (scapula) muscles and the shoulders (deltoids) seem oversized in relation to the upper arm muscles, as if they are padded. If this film were to be given as the undeniable proof of Bigfoot, then this whole topic would cease to exist. I think that because of the “Gimlin” film being as prolific as it is, it has allowed this subject to remain in the realm of possibility versus fantasy.

  3. Brian M

    The anatomy of the back torso is interesting looking as if when running on all fours it would have enough space for its hips and legs to be in position to make it posable .
    Not sure what to make of the lumps maybe cysts.


  4. Jason M

    You all can’t be serious?! This a bad fake .. nothing more.
    1)The skin on the back of the entity in the clip doesn’t distort as the entity walks. Real skin would flex and ripple as the large back muscles flexed. You see none of that here.
    2)The clip conveniently goes out of focus as the entity turns to look. Suspicious.
    3)The walking looks very labored to me…not the effortless glide associated with sasquatch.

  5. Stephen N

    Size wise look”s to me like a Chimp, from the side of the head. It don”t look tall fron the head to the ground, I know that this could be a youngster. I just don”t buy it. Would like to hear Jane Goodall”s take on this one.

  6. diana m

    Looks real. Also looks like it had a bad accident, possibly early childhood, due to skin adhesed to the underlying fascia causing the ripple, lack of movement of the left upper dorsum & hunched(rounded) vertebral display.

  7. Tyler D

    There’s always going to be controversy when someone releases a video of what they believe to be sasquatch. Even if it’s genuine or not. Human kind is so quick to point the finger and try to humiliate their fellow man if what their doing contradicts their own beliefs. Tolerance has NEVER been our strong suit. We destroy things that we don’t understand or if it’s different. I believe this video to be genuine. We should try and have more faith in our fellow man

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