Feb 4

Watch: The 4 Different Types Of Sasquatch

Will Jevning and Tim “Coonbo” Baker describe the four different types of sasquatch, their appearance and behavior.


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  1. Dario G

    I think its time one of the SC community gets together with Will & Wes to do an artist Sketch with labels for the different types. I heard this episode the other day & have been a dedicated listener since episode 10. I’ve heard countless references to type 1,2,3,4 & im honestly not sure which is which still. Please guys, my recommendation is to do an artist legend image of the different types. Im begging you.

  2. DonRay

    i agree…… i always used the words, human looking.,,,,, In reality, i should have been saying “Neanderthal looking”…….. There also is another decription coming from the Hockomock swamp… more Dogman…. its a known locally, but never read anywhere else…. The description was a creature with a deformed horse head….. keep the info coming…… Ciao

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