Mar 14

Watch: Sasquatch Encounters, Wildman Stories, Dogman, Hairy Man

Watch in this older documentary as people share their encounters.

20 Responses to “Watch: Sasquatch Encounters, Wildman Stories, Dogman, Hairy Man”

    • Charles B

      Then don’t click on it, I like having links to stuff so that I can watch when I have a few minutes to do so. I do not have much time to search them out on my own.

  1. Erik N

    This is old video’s I’ve watched year’s ago. Sad to say I kinda wish it was just regular old Sasquatch Chronicles where’s coonbo ,what ever happened to I enjoyed looking forward to Sundays episode. I don’t know maybe I’m jumping the gun but seems like the show is taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps backward !

  2. LC B

    It would behoove the hosts to keep a regular schedule period. Then add shows, but realize that anyone with an ounce of earnest inquiry has seen or read most of this stuff, as I and others have seen it. That being said I approached it differently this time, looking at it through a $7.00 per month perspective I realized what a prize it really is, and for damn sure Esther is worth a listen, it’s like cheap booze you drink it because it is there

  3. LC B

    Oh ya but you regret it for at least one day..or you jump the same train for another ride. Whatever the case you start to realize your not sure where it was going

  4. Janetta V

    This video was a little boring. I’d seen it too. But to all of the complainers that are never satisfied, because you live your lives that way, stop paying the 7.00 dollars and just go back to the non-members version. That way you can’t post and I don’t have to read the negative.

  5. Rob C

    I’m jumping ship sorry to say, going back to just free site. Might join later when things settle down. Yes $7 is decent but when you compare it against $5.99 a month with 7 four hour shows every week and tons of web content on other podcasts, seems like a con. Sorry!!!

  6. Pierre M

    This is my neck of the woods. You wouldnt think theres enough forest in Oklahoma for them to keep hidden. But thats not true at all. They are no doubt here. Eastern Oklahoma is more mountainous but theres plenty of cover for them to stay hidden especially along the rivers and lakes. Check out. Possible Wood Ape Photos Central Oklahoma. This is one of the big guys thats seen time to time.

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