Feb 19

Watch: Paul Freeman Segment plus Dr. Grover Krantz interview


Two local TV segments feature Paul Freeman and Grover Krantz. From the Michael Dennett archives of the Seattle Skeptics.

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  1. Scott A

    I love what Professor Krantz says about acrimony. That was enlightening. 😉

    But wait! Acrimony in the research field? What? I thought that everyone was looking for a stick to use to roast marshmallows together over a campfire. You mean they will stab each other in the back? 😉

    All these people who’s whole life is about looking for Sasquatch will not be allowed to have anything to do with it when it is scientifically proven. They want to be the one to prove it is real and gain fame and prize money. They want to prevent other people from proving it is real before they do. They do not want it proven to be real because then their life will have no meaning because they haven’t done anything else with their life.

    Former bigfoot hunter: “Can I help?”
    Scientist: “Do you have a PhD in a related field?”

    To me proving it exists is akin to sneaking backstage and watching the magician from behind the curtain to see how the trick is done. Once you know the magic is gone.

    I still think that they should be proven to exist so that knowledge can spread about precautions people should take when they are out in the woods.

    Damn, dirty apes!

  2. Kenneth M

    I love Dr Krantz’ Unlinchingly Frank statements about the subject and the “Research Community” that fears being marginalized by the scientiffic community, therefore they keep the subject on the edge, and not true to absolute expedtionary efforts. Half ass to keep the machine going Truly thoughtful and brutally honest.

  3. Rick F

    I think this was an excellent video and that Dr. Krantz (as we good ole boys would say) ‘Hit the nail on the head” regarding his comments of the current overall subject of bigfoot. He brings credibility to the subject matter as an anthropologist based upon the limited facts and evidence presented. Sticking to the facts and not speculation is what’s kept the scientific community from associating him with the so called”flute players” category. He must be careful so not to cross that line. We need his position right where it is.

  4. Charles R

    Very good interview that I have not seen before. Just frank and to the point with some very good analysis of the over all situation. Sure wish Krantz was still around. I have often stated that once one is brought in the science academia will totally take over and claim it for its own and act like they never doubted it. All of us and those that went before we pretty much be forgotten. Does not mean however we can not go into the forest just for the thrill or fright of coming upon one.

  5. LC B

    It is interesting to say the least the History of this field, and how it has been looked at, how researchers and scientists have
    cooperated and been at odds. Will Jevning was the protege of Rene Da hinden, and I am sure you have heard his name mentioned.
    Check him out in action, it will give you a bit of added perspective.


  6. Robert V

    To me it’s refreshing to hear someone give blunt answers. If I agree or not. I wish there were more people like this in every field of study. Even if they are incorrect it helps US to think better. Oh but wait, the most important thing in this world today is NOT TO HURT someone’s FEELINGS. They should be respected but we’ve gone way to far. Anyway It was informative and enjoyable to watch.

    • Charles R

      Amen to that Robert V. You noticed also. The spokes people for the other side are arrogant as hell is dismissing it outright no matter what he thrown at them. Of course they have spent little time with the evidence. Krantz on the other had is extremely confident in his position based on all the thousands of hours of real evidence gathering he accumulated, and it was refreshing to see him speak so. Need more people like him in this field today instead of the hedgers.

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