Feb 23

Watch: Our member Norman sent a video


Thanks Norman!

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  1. Kim

    What a great idea Norman! I think youve started a new trend. Keep them coming! What might help with the wind
    noise thru the mike is a wind sock.
    Do you know what the apes and monkey are used for at this facility? Or is it a zoo of sorts?

  2. Reid D

    Thanks Norman! I live next door in Texas! I’m going to go to the Sam Houston state Forest in a couple of months maybe I’ll get the nerve to make a video almost as good as yours? Good job

  3. caltros

    Outstanding job Norman. You are a natural! It was really interesting to see how thick those woods are and how difficult it is to navigate in that terrain. Thanks for your awesome contribution to the site. Now if you can just hook up with Bobo……:)

    • Norman Racca

      lol Jody,
      I was really just being myself out there, those woods were way thicker than I thought, I had to edit a good bit out because I kept getting tangled up in vines and sticker bushes… I love this site! 🙂
      haha, Bobo can tag along but he gotta leave the firecrackers and strobe lights at home!

  4. Lisa

    Norman! Awww….this is was Great!
    I remember armadillos from when I was a little girl in Texas….they were so cute lying there on the side of the roads sleeping 😉

  5. Pat T

    Good job Norman, hopefully you’ve set the stage here for other members who live in heavily forested areas to come forward with some video. Doesn’t have to b class A sightings, just a feel like what Ryan did in Mississippi, adds value to the blog. I live in southern Ca. where there is very little activity so seeing these type of locations with some narrative is cool. After all the negativity of yesterdays show its good u got us back on the right track.

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