Jun 10

Watch: Man Films “Something” On Thermal

While the video isn’t as clear as we would like, what’s clear is that he’s obviously very frightened. The thermal shows a faint hint of something outside his RV, but we never get to see what that “something” is. Whatever it is, the man, Crypto Christian, claims the subject even tried to get into his RV. He says “Whatever this thing is, it tried to get into my RV.”

The YouTuber known as Crypto Christian says “This is exactly what it shows … what you see is what you get i dont know what it was but if you listen close at the end of the video you can hear them walking up and surrounding me.. thats why i retreated back into the RV .. i had some close calls there and they even pushed on my door a couple times i have that on another video i thought they were coming in…”

15 Responses to “Watch: Man Films “Something” On Thermal”

  1. Jim D

    Really nice guy and also a BIG Sasquatch Chronicles fan. After telling him that he should contact Wes because I thought this would be PERFECT for the type of show he said he’s going to be moving into: television testimonials and that “we need ya!” he told me he’s kind of shy but “Thanks ..I’ve never missed a show … Love the encounters”.

  2. Jan W

    Scary! This guy needs to come on the show! Great thermal and it certainly DID look huge! And it was swaying… that always creeps me out. Wonder if he left after the door was pushed? I would have been outta there!

  3. Milton L

    Definitely something upright in the IR image. It looked like the camera was aimed into an eyepiece, which had to be a tricky maneuver in the dark – especially with SOMETHING right there.

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