Dec 5

Watch: Locals in Bethel Report ‘Hairy Man’ Sightings

The two were approaching their net when they saw someone walking through the willows on the bank. Kopanuk says the willows and brush would have been taller than he was, but this creature that looked like a man could easily see over the top of foilage. Kopanuk first registered it as a person until he saw that this creature was larger, hairier, and not wearing clothes.

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21 Responses to “Watch: Locals in Bethel Report ‘Hairy Man’ Sightings”

  1. Kay S

    Not sure what happened here. When I tried to watch this video I ended up with advertising for Kaltura Video Solutions. Is there somewhere else we can watch it for those of us that are still on their computer training wheels?

  2. Pierre M

    It’s funny how’s scientists just dismiss the existence of these crratures just because they haven’t seen one. When the evidence is right there in there faces. I believe alot of them are lieing thru there teeth. They know the evidence is legit. But they dont have the balls to admit it.

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