Jul 8

Watch: Joseph Stalin’s Humanzee Experiments

I want to thank Justin D. for sending it to me

The humanzee (also known as the Chuman or Manpanzee) is a hypothetical chimpanzee/human hybrid. Chimpanzees and humans are closely related (sharing 95% of their DNA sequence and 99% of coding DNA sequences), leading to contested speculation that a hybrid is possible.

The Ivanov experiments:
Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov was the first person to attempt to create a human–ape hybrid. As early as 1910 he gave a presentation to the World Congress of Zoologists in Graz, Austria, in which he described the possibility of creating such a hybrid by artificial insemination.


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  1. Tyler D

    Hell ya, thanks Wes for putting this up. I’ve been talking about this experiment for months. Even though there are plenty of closely related animals that can breed, even with 98% of the same DNA as chimpanzees there are just some animals that can’t compatibly breed. And this is a good example. Stalin brought in a scientist that successfully bred a donkey and a zebra or something along those lines and he wanted a soldier that could handle brutal weather and climate conditions. So they tried these experiments, which I believe is a unique idea and with different conditions might’ve been better understand. But Stalin did these experiments for all the wrong reasons and believe me these are not the only bizarre experiments that Russia has tried

    • Steven B

      I just wonder Tyler – just what our own goobermintal freakazoids have done or are doing in this area. I feel that if Russia was doing something, this side of the ocean always would try to beat them to it. Hope I’m dead wrong…


      • SHANNON D

        No Steve, your dead on!! Just look at all the German scientists we grabbed through the “Operation Paperclip” program, and Our acquiring the top Japanese germ, and chemical warfare scientists…. These scientist while yes helping us with some good programs, helped us with some real bad stuff also…

      • Tyler D

        Back in those days all governments, including our own, were extremely competitive. Stalin was just a bit more upfront and more public about it. I could only imagine other bizarre experiments the rest of the world was trying. In a nutshell every government was trying to one up the next

  2. Christopher c

    It’s off subject but my brother from Redmond Or.told me that an Elk walked into his camp at night during 4th of July weekend and helped itself to a loaf of bread ,a bag of marshmallows,and the rest of the Venison nachos my brother made-Venison nachos? wouldn’t that kinda sorta make the Elk a CANNIBAL? LOL!

    • Steven B

      What your brother ran into, my friend, was a “steath-squatch”. They cover themselves in the skins of elk so that they may get close to camps to filch Venison nachos…they just can’t resist the temptation. 😉 I know I can’t…

  3. Gail d

    I don’t believe two men could jump and overpower a female Sasquatch. That was some type of hairy tall female they jumped and held prisoner.

  4. greg o

    5% DNA is a mind blowing amount in the DNA makeup, to say chimps have 95% of our DNA is still so far away in the big picture the scope is hard to rap your mind around ,for example, we share approximately 60% of our DNA with a banana plant and 90% with some fern species, Big foot is a primate is to date has not been proven, I prefer to go more with David Paulidas work on the human line in his Hoopa project, which to date has not been proven and is debated as though it can’t be..hopefully the answer will be forthcoming soon, because one has a whole lot more implications than the other.

    • Steven B

      Sing me a song I’m the Banana Man. Sing me a song tonight. ‘Cuz we’re mostly composed of the same DNA code and that’s got me feelin’ uptight! (Apologies to Billy Joel) 😉

  5. Bal G

    Stalin was worse than even Hitler. Nothing surprises me about what the Soviets did in the 20s and 30s. He sent 30 to 40 miilion of his own countrymen to their graves while he ruled. He was a sociopath and a ruthless killer. Did he try to breed ape with man? It is possible.

  6. Milton L

    Ivanov’s work had little or nothing to do with Stalin himself. Ivanov got a government grant for scientific research during Stalin’s regime. |
    The possible Almasty hybrid is really the story here.

  7. Steven B

    The local men were into to huge, hairy women??? Either the local women were playing REALLY hard to get, were in very short supply, were hitting the Vodka much too hard, or, heavens to murgatroid!, were worse in appearance and disposition than Zana??? Yoiks!

  8. Kent C

    There has been a lot of speculation about “Zana”.

    I saw a more recent article that stated that a new DNA profile indicated that she was all human, but belonged to one of the Sub-Saharan African tribes. That would certainly explain why the locals thought her appearance was unusual!

    ……But how she got that far north is anybody’s guess!!

  9. Trent M

    As I recall from that program where they tested Zana’s offspring they said Zana had ” Sub Saharan African” DNA but it was not the same as modern ” Sub Saharan African” DNA and may have been an earlier ancient type.

  10. Kim L

    Zana could have married a rich dude in my hometown. A certain ex-president would have hit on her, I bet. Hey, does that picture remind anyone of MAD magazine? Remember the “what, me worry?” guy ?

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