Nov 24

Watch: Interesting Sasquatch video

I thought this was a very interesting video. It was recorded by a man on youtube named Robert Dodson If you have time, watch the whole video but things start to get interesting about 7 – 9 minutes in.. There is plenty of eye shine, at one point he runs towards it. It starts to throw rocks at him and you can actually see one land on the ground as he is searching for tracks


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  1. Roy D

    This was really interesting and eerie at the same time. The quick down movement was interesting, and it almost takes a second or 2 for the sasquatches eyes to adjust to the light. Thats great eye-shine.

  2. Justin R

    I’m one of those guys that remains skeptical, leaning toward belief. I just paid for a month of membership so I could watch, listen, and read the bits I haven’t been able to catch otherwise. It’s awesome. There’s just something about Sasquatch. Just seems plausible to me.

    Your show has given me a great deal of entertainment, as well as information and a no-nonsense approach I really admire. My wife is a horse enthusiast. We want a large amount of land some day and tend to live in more rural areas surrounded by woods. We were in OH, but moved to CT for my career. Ever since moving to New England, I have wanted to paint in the Hudson River Valley. You’ve definitely given me much more to think about when visiting places like that and buying property. I’ve never had an encounter, but if I do, your show may just save my life and the lives of those I love. Thanks, man. When we finally get some land, though my wife said she doesn’t want to know what I find, I intend to at least look around online and discreetly inquire about the goings on surrounding the area.

    Love what you guys do. I’ve spent many hours painting to what you offer here. If Sasquatch is real, this guy was really lucky he didn’t get his head torn off. Sounds like he’d be a riot to hang out with, though.

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