Jun 22

Watch: Indiana Bigfoot Witness

Dave has been a registered nurse for 7 years and a chiropractor for 23 years, thus he is very familiar with human anatomy. The most interesting observations with this sighting were the creature’s gait, snout and ears. It walked with a bent legs, not heal to toe, with a slight bounce, leaning forward. The snout was about 3-4 inches long with a wide, flat, dog-like nose. The ears were pointed, but instead on top of the head, ear placement were on the side of the head.


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  1. Gabriel H

    That’s interesting I wonder if that’s deliberate – walking upright where it would know humans to do so, and down on all fours where it would know animals would be.

  2. Steven D

    This guy’s encounter is very cool….I live in Indiana but all the sightings are southern in….I live by chicago….all our squatches beg for change….lol

  3. Steven B

    Hi All

    I noticed on an earlier post some were asking what would happen if Hungry Harry were to be matched against the other walking nightmare – Dogman (Bipedal Canid).

    There is a “Bigfoot VS. Dogman” encounter in this interview at some point in the middle about the 41 minute mark. I personally have a hard time with this interview because the “witness” earlier indicates she allowed her 2 year old child to “play hide-n-seek” with bigfoot (aren’t bigfoot taught not to play with their food?” ???? ). Hey, even farmers generally take care of the animals they eat. Anyway, for what it’s worth, the account is here:


    or go to the dogmanencountersradio.com website , click on “podcast” and select Episode 16.

  4. Dave T

    I’m just having a hard time grasping what a dogman is. If it’s some kind of upright walking canine or werewolf than I think it’s got very little to do with BF. If it’s a primate with a snout similar to a baboon than its a different version or close kin to a BF. I don’t know what to make of it but I lean away from it being canine but if it is then BF and dogmen are probably enemies.

    • Steven B

      Hi Dave

      Let me see if I can clarify a little. I’m not a researcher nor “expert” but this is what I have picked up from here and from Dogman Encounters Radio.

      There are 2 types of what are called “Dogman”. It is an unfortunate label. It is kind of like the word “dolphin”. Without context you do not know which thing is being spoken of: the prized game fish or the Sea World attraction mammal.

      In relation to Sasquatch. A near as I can deduce, when a person says “Dogman” they are referring to what is known as a “Type 3 Sasquatch”. They have no noticeable tail, leave claw marks in the their foot prints, have ears on the side of their head, a short snout, and their legs bend like ours. The creature that Purple Pam Rose saw was most likely this type: See Episode 4 on http://www.dogmanencountersradio.com/podcast/

      The *other* type of “Dogman” is definitively canine in nature. It leaves canine type foot prints – 6 inches in diameter or more. It walks bipedal as well as on all fours. When walking bipedal, their legs have that “dog leg” backward bend. They look like a HUGE upright walking wolf or dog. Pointed ears on top of the head. They look like something straight out of the movie “Underworld” but they are a biological creature – not a “werewolf” in the sense that most people use the word. However, they are spread worldwide according to sightings and, perhaps, they are what gave rise to “werewolf” legends. Listen to Episode 100 here on SasChron.”SC EP:100 The Hunter or The Hunted”. The guest encountered this type of “Dogman”.

      Hope this helps, Dave. You’ll have to listen to descriptions when people talk about “Dogman” to figure out which one they are referring to or have encountered.

      Steve , RGV TX

      • Dave T

        Thanks Steven, I think there’s definitely some variation among the squatches. I just can’t buy into a canine walking upright on legs and paws that just aren’t built for it. They are by design to be a quadraped. If a dogman is of the canine species than they aren’t near of the intelligence of a Bigfoot either which would make them more vulnerable to being seen or killed, whatever. I think these dogman sightings are just type 3s and they are put into a different category by some people all together. Maybe I’m wrong.

  5. Kenneth M

    I just wish someone would have a gun handy during these encounters. In some ways walking down the road doesn’t seem so elusive nor intellegent to be undetected forever yet they do reamin largely unseen even when looked for. Odd they go from slueth and stealthy to stupid (walking down the road where man is) seems inconsistent – Maybe the dogman had a fight with Mrs Dogman and needed to take a walk and wasn’t in his right mind? Do you think squatch females bitch at their husbands?

  6. Farrell Stormcrow

    Steven D, I live in Indiana too, and in the southern part, in some of the most active counties. On the other hand, an encounter a year is a lot for this this area. I am on the watch though 🙂

  7. Richard C

    Interesting story, I’m thinking that Dogman may be some sort of “Baboon” offshoot, snout walking on toes, etc. Didn’t Wes indicate at one time that is what he thought they were, makes sense to me.

    Learned a lot from “Finding Bigfoot Episode Last Night”, let’s see. Squatches are not aggressive or dangerous, if they were aggressive they could over run mankind (because there are so many of them). Squatch movies and stories about aggressive behavior are all about Hollywood’s ability to embellish, not based on any fact. I think at about 15-20 minutes into the show, I just turned it off. Made me sick to hear them talk about this subject in a Lovey Dovey Way. (I usually just tune in to hear witness accounts).

    • Gabriel H

      Rich: wasn’t that nuts? It really makes me wonder if there is a deliberate slant there. Or let me rephrase that – it makes me wonder just WhY there seems to be a deliberate slant there. Even modern encounters aside, there are plenty of historical accounts that include blatant aggression. There’s no way they aren’t aware of those of reports. Cliff typically comes off as quite level headed but wow did he ever do his best to hammer the message home hey. Due to exposure to SC even my kids were quick to pick up on the glaring discrepancy there…

  8. Jim L

    Does describe a potential dogman. Wes, you should get Vic Cuniff on your show att some point. He has a nice podcast on all dogman encounters.

  9. Seamus J. C

    The whole dogman thing is just cray-cray! Bipedal canid with hands? And one that happens to be about the same size as bigfoot? And can switch between 2 and 4 legs, like bigfoot, and can run as fast as bigfoot on two legs even with doggy-type, backwards bending legs? Too hard to imagine, to square that with what we know about bipeds and quadrupeds.

  10. Richard C

    Was just looking at Baboon Images on the Web. Some have some pretty scary looking fangs. Also thought about the Melba K. DNA study and how she mentioned Lemurs. Didn’t know it, but there were giant Lemurs as large as Gorillas in the past, article I read indicated that they were not meat eaters, preferred plants. Lemurs have the snout (like the Baboon) and pointy ears (like dogman is described). Who knows what this thing is. Whatever it is, pretty scary. Some of the stories are pretty intense. CoonBo has been researching the subject and told some pretty hairy stories about killings in the Land Between the Lakes that were attributed to DogMan.

  11. Richard C

    Gabriel, re: Finding Bigfoot comments, I thought the same thing. It almost seemed deliberate, like an “Orchestrated Opinion”. It almost seemed as if that show “was about” the “Non Aggressive Bigfoot”, with “emphasis” on Non Aggressive. If they know the truth (about these things) and are portraying them like innocent little (I should say BIG 🙂 ) forest creatures. I wonder how they can sleep at night, knowing that they might be encouraging people to go out and look for these things.

    • Gabriel H

      Agreed. These creatures are known to kill domestic animals and livestock – often seemingly for the kill itself. There’s no way they don’t know this. What do they call that…? Creative Play…?

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