Dec 7

Watch: Helicopter Chases Bigfoot

While target shooting, these people were constantly being bothered by a buzzing chopper. When they watch their video, they see that the chopper is actually chasing something?


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  1. Patrick W

    The more I use this new membership the more I enjoy it. Im 57 and like most old farts I struggle to keep up w tech. You guyz have done everything ,or so it seems, to put any usefull info in this one place wich makes things a lot less painless for myself. This may not seem like such a big deal to younger folks, but its working out great for me. THanks to the staff at Chronicles I dont cus and yell at my computer nearly as much as before.

  2. Aaron A

    I agree Patrick! Even as someone not quite as old farty as you, these guys have done a great deal of the leg work for us so we don’t have to sift through as much of the garbage online.

  3. Charles R

    I have never been sure of this video. The body just does not come across as a bigfoot body, however it takes some pretty large strides. What I really think is they put this video out there as a hoax and overlaid it with a copied helicopter.

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