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Watch: Family Tormented by Bigfoots on Coast to Coast

Here’s the January 23rd, 2015 episode of Coast to Coast, featuring a woman who claims her residential family has been tormented by bigfoot.

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  1. Kenneth M

    If I had these kinds of mounting problems – I think it would be time to start a brush fire to clear the woods accross the street and prune the brush away around the house – eliminate cover keeps animals away.

    What state and city was this?

    • DONNA G

      I listened to it the other night. She would only say it was in the south. I was hoping SC could get her on here for an interview. She has written 2 books about their experiences. I am sorry but I would have to walk away from that house. I would rather lose the cost of the house than have to endure nightly harassment and possible physical injury to myself or any family member.

    • Joseph B

      This is BS all the way around. Who buys a home even at a cheap price without a walk thru to test the dishwasher, etc. It is one thing to buy a “fixer upper”, but a whole other deal when you do a final walk thru and did not pick up on the stuff she happens to “find” after the fact. This is some crazy broad looking to cash in on a Bigfoot story after she read a few articles and noticed there were some sightings in her area. This is completes BS from the cigarette voice / cough from the very beginning. Then she knows for FACT there is both Dogman and Sasquatch in the same residential area. Just another lazy human that wants to try and cash in on the Bigfoot craze. These are the people who make the people who have real encounters receive the ridicule they do. She seemed to know how many there were and then seeing “young ones”. Do you really believe a Sasquatch is going to allow it’s young be seen during daylight if at all. Then she explains the tree shaking like she was reading a script from other encounters. If you buy this one, I have a bridge to sell you…….
      My Father used this phrase and yes it is a bit harsh, but it fits here – Dizzy Bitch!!

    • Joseph B

      Wow, you must be relatively new to this phenomenon. I would think after reading both books you would have picked up on her BS. This interview, even though the guy was pretty much agreeing with everything she said, is clearly BS. Dogmen and Sasquatch in the same residential area????? She is trying to sell her books, period. She found out after being published that the real money does not really come in until you hit some major league numbers in book sales and the up front money she received was already spent on the BMW or Audi and the $600+/month payments are now pinching.

      • Shannon D

        Joseph, what is up your arse? If you don’t agree, fine but don’t be so close minded you have to be insulting. Wes did an interview with a woman that said her daughter was protected from dogman by a bigfoot. Who’s to say it isn’t true. Overall, most stories I’ve heard, dogman is the more aggressive of the two but it doesn’t mean that in some places they may be able to co-exist. Your comments only make you look ignorant.

  2. Shannon D

    Dave Schrader, who hosted this Coast to Coast episode, has a show called Darkness Radio. He had her as a guest on 12/29/2014. Pretty interesting story and I believe she’s credible. She stated on that show that are currently in the process of trying to sell to the house. She would be a great guest since she has seen sasquatch and dogman in those woods.

  3. Kim L

    Really enjoyed hearing this nice ladies story, thank you for posting it. In my opinion, folks with information and encounter stories to share, need go no further than SC to be politely and professionally interviewed. I really was disappointed with the host

  4. Charles R

    I subscribe to c2cam but seldom have time to listen to past shows. I even fall asleep with it on my bedroom radio and have since the great days of Art Bell. Sadly for me George Noory does not cover this topic as much as he should although George Knapp has a keen interest in it. I did catch the final hour when I woke up and found a station in NW Tennessee Friday night, might have been out of Jackson, TN, not sure. It was only suppose to be first two hours but I guess the callers overwhelmed the phones and Dave kept it for entire four hours. A couple of the callers in the final hour gave this lady some real grief, something Art Bell never would have done. Glad above viewers liked it and will listen to first 3 hours tonight.

  5. Andrew O

    A very interesting programme, but I cannot help but wonder if it’s all true. Surely there’d be clear footage and audio by now.

    And so many flute players calling in to that show, too!

  6. Patrick G

    It’s a shame that a great show such as Coast to Coast has resorted to employing Sasquatches to torture innocent families on the radio to boost ratings. I never thought it would come to this. Sad state of affairs for all involved.
    Makes one wonder what they paid or enticed these creatures with to get them to do such terrible acts? I just can’t be a part of it.

  7. Ted T

    I’m very disappointed you would put this kind of crap
    On your show.
    I can’t believe much of this story or any of it.
    This woman is just trying to sell books.

  8. Mark M

    I know where this occurred. Yes I am a knower not a skeptic. But this is in my town and near our city park. The woods in front do lead to a drainage creek but then houses again. I know who and work with who investigated this occurrence. It’s just not a big enough spot for that many sasquatch’s to hang out at. They would be seen. A main road Is 150 feet from these woods which you can see into. One could have wandered in but stay no. They would have been seen quickly. Sorry but what I know.

  9. Dave T

    I will usually give people the benifit of the doubt but this story really has a lot of red flags with it. The audios were not very convincing and didn’t sound very squachtie at all. The one audio she named ” Tantrum,” was in my opinion a coon dog or tennesee walker tracking and barking after some critter in the woods. I also didn’ t like how bigfoot became the conclusion for everything that happened around their house including car problems. Are you kidding me? With as much activity going on at their residence that she is claiming on such a regular basis, her evidence is weak at best. Sorry, I’m not buying. I think Dyar is coaching Christine on how to sell.

  10. Rich P

    Not sure about the whole thing. Too many holes and unanswered questions. No doubt the books are probably good reading and entertaining. Hopefully she makes enough money to buy an HD camera and get some good videos. SC would ask better questions. Looking forward to the show after Dave goes out there. Curious to know what he finds.

  11. Mark M

    I believe they are working on a way for members to communicate. I would tell you more in private. Just out of respect for the family involved. The poor lady has a fear of the woods. I will say it is in the south.

  12. william g

    I believe Christine has something going on.I think she was ill served with the advice to gift this entity whatever it may be.The Bible counsels us to beware of powers and principalities we don’t understand because they are evil. I hope she makes enough money on her books to get the hell out of there and away from an obvious malevolent situation.Personally,when I hear a snake rattle,I leave the area.

  13. Jon K

    She and her family are said to be military and don’t seem like they follow any protocol on follow up , documentation and common sense but she is clever enough to write a on going book series !!
    Scammer !!!
    Devalues the subject totally.
    The host had a hard time believing it. You could tell , but struggled thru it like a professional.

  14. Scott P

    People are assholes. If you haven’t had an experience you can’t understand. What would you do ? Seriously ? There is NO HELP to be had. This response is why most people just keep it to themselves.

    • William L

      But most people aren’t trying to cash-in are their experiences. Maybe she can buy some help or comfort with the money she is making. Would you be as sympathetic to Rick Dyer or Todd Standing?

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