Jun 24

Watch: Eyes In The Dark – The Sasquatch Experience

This is a documentary created by Todd Partain. In 1975, five-year-old Todd Partain is terrorized along with his family members when an unknown creature attacked their trailer on a dark Arkansas mountainside. Now as an independent film maker, he brings you the stories of others who have had…The Sasquatch Experience. In the dark, there are some things we are afraid to see.

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  1. Steven B

    Seen this a couple of weeks back.

    One witness mentioned about “glowing red eyes” after it started swaying and they moved toward it. It was a daylight encounter. They mentioned that the eyes “dilated”. I wonder if when the eyes dilated, that the extra light coming in was being reflected off the retina giving the impression of “glowing red”. I guess bio-luminescence is a possibility but I have no other example (to my knowledge, anyway, which isn’t all encompassing) in nature where a creature has this ability.

    • r v

      Yeah Steven I’ve wondered about the bio-luminescence possibility myself. Perhaps there is some kind of symbiotic relationship coupled with a synergistic mechanism that enables (at least some) sasquatches to generate night vision ability. The fact that so many reports speak of “self-generated” glowing as opposed to reflection has to make you question the possibilities. I always hate it when people discount these reports because “well, we KNOW that’s not possible, so…” How many deep-sea creatures (squid, anglerfish, aquaman, those jellyfish aliens in “Abyss”…) are able to completely light up in pitch blackness? We DO happen to know that this is a reality.

  2. Papa - Yeti

    Working that door knob, why? Did it smell food in the kitchen trash from dinner time, or was its intent to get inside and start ripping that woman and her boys apart? After I had listen to the four corners Alex and her Dog Zora encounter, Juvenile petting the dog’s ear, peaceful non eventful encounter, ok, maybe there is no need for a 45 / 70 and oh now I feel like a jerk for needing carrying a big Game rifle. Then I watch this video and the woman and her kids in the trailer, un -armed and this huge Creature with bad intent? Right? Why did it want to get in there with them, it knew they were in there?

    -Red Eyes dilating,

    -And a huge deltoid muscles, I am pissed, I have busted iron and work excessively hard, extreme workouts and crazy five to six small meals a day,. And these creatures are naturally ripped. But then I have far better hygiene, I have no mange parasites, no fleas, and no internal parasites from drinking un-pure water, and no tape worms, round worms, heart worms, no lung flukes, no liver flukes, and no Brain diseases from eating raw foods such as fly bloated road kill, and cannibalizing their own kind. There are some deadly creepy brain diseases from eating brains of your own Species, disease just a messed up as scrapes, and mad cow disease. And then there is the pain and hassle of trying to pass splinter rib bones and jagged cranium bits, they crunch through bone and that is probably why they are screaming.

    Three sets of red eyes? Reflective fire light?
    Exactly it screws up your reality and contradicts what you have always been told the people you most trust… Monster do not exist, go back to sleep now, there is no such thing as monsters dear.

  3. Jason M

    Can anyone name *one* mammal that has bioluminous eyes? You can’t …because there are none. Having glowing red eyes would serve absolutely no purpose biologically. It certainly would not help nocturnal vision, and I imagine it would even give away your position to prey. Almost certainly people are misreporting reflected light from man-sources.

  4. Patrick F

    Well I would like to see the real footage. Imagine telling everyone you filmed it and then showing “illustrated footage” does nothing for the study. Nice video otherwise!

  5. Jan W

    Great video! Thanks! As for the red eyes, I found the witness to be totally credible and is certainly not the first to report seeing red eye shine. Maybe BF will be found to have bioluminescent eyes?

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