Mar 31

Watch: Clear Video of Bigfoot Filmed During Independence Day?

The YouTuber writes “According to experts, the suit presented in this video is only 1 percent away from the Patterson-Gimlin creature. Looks real enough to pass the ole smello-meter in our opinion. Check out the part where it’s walking around with a baby.”

Bigfoot Evidence writes “reader Philippe C., from France sent us his interpretation of the alleged baby Bigfoot that was filmed on Independence Day. While many say it’s a fake, there are some who think it could be legit. ”

Watch the video here:



70 Responses to “Watch: Clear Video of Bigfoot Filmed During Independence Day?”

  1. Kyle S

    Looks pretty real to me. The only thing that makes me question it is that it seemed like the camera person knew exactly where it was going to pop out from behind the boulders

    • Brennon H

      maybe bc the trail went that way ! How can you question that thats as real as it gets. It’s an amazing video. Some people write shit to get people to look what they wrote for attention shit drives me crazy

  2. Carol S

    She doesn’t have boobies. At least the PGF creature had those. I don’t know, doesn’t ring true. I think it odd a mamma would take a baby out of hiding to parade it in front of camera dude. Shouldn’t mom exhibit some type of threat display? Shoot, my lovable dog would threaten to rip off your knees if you snuck up on me or his girl–and he is not aggressive. The steps seem short & jerky too! I’m just an armchair Squatcher, what do I know. Pretty cool video though!

  3. ben h

    Fake, it looks to small. Personally if i was having to answer the call of nature and somebody wanted to film it i would run away as it means a weirdo.

  4. r v

    Does BF wear a helmet? You can see the separation from the torso by the shadow (1:39). Movement is too slow. The tracking of the camera person is way too accurate, and the lack of any sort of excitement (at least give us some heavy breathing) or commentary is blaring. The “baby” sure looks like a rigid doll at :40 when the adult pulls it close. It kind of bounces off. The gait is too human; the wind is a sound effect; the rocks are styrofoam; the trees are CGI; there’s no smell; you can see the “Do Not Remove Under Penalty Of Law” tag on its backside…

  5. Jim D

    Looks pretty amazing to me. I don’t get it, where is there a store that rents out bigfoot costumes and has baby bigfoots as an added attraction? Can somebody please post a rental costume that looks like this or looks like Patty please?

  6. Steven L

    This video came well before cgi was available to Joe Shmoe. I’m not saying it’s real or fake but the trees are trees and rocks are rocks. It would be a huge waste of time and money to make fake trees and rocks to do a fake bigfoot video.

  7. tony c

    Theres more here than meets the eye calling fake just for the sake of it! if you slow it down to .25 on youtube ! min 19 secs you can see lip movement just after having kissed the baby, also observe the legs and how they never straighten up and also have an out then in movement rather than pulled through like a human at 1min 24 secs to me thats very much a patty walk, IF fake they done a decent job at it in my opinion can i just add if that was me i probably would have stopped breathing with awe mabye why lack of heavy breathing.

    • Charles R

      Exactly. Not fluid and it shuffles off, not a quick walk off or blast that a real bigfoot would most likely choose. This was scripted from the beginning. You have to ask what kind of bigfoot mother would come out and hold her baby out in front of a camera. Mothers and infants are darn near never seen if you go through all the published encounters, so we have to assume to go to great lengths to protect them at this delicate age when they would be subject to preditor attacks. I will say it is one of the better fake costumes.

  8. R. Greg B

    Remember people, the gold standard is Patty. Compare all to this, and you won’t be fooled. There are so many things wrong with this video……. where do I start. How about the head, the differences in clothing lol, the face, THE OVERALL SITUATION of the video .lol on and on. When we all can see a video is obviously a fake, can we ban it from our forums please.

  9. Kim L

    I just don’t know, haven’t seen this clip before. Is there a story or explanation that goes with it? Would like to know where to go for more info on this one. I enjoyed TTs take on it

  10. Jeffrey H

    I think its a nicely done video but it’s a “no sale” for me. 1), the birds aren’t going crazy like you hear in other real videos 2), I would think the mother would be watching the youngin not a alpha type male 3), hard to find female BF costumes 4), even in the Freeman film where the BF could be seen wasn’t this obvious 5), lack of reaction from person filming, remember how Paul Freeman reacted when he was filming and last, the mannerism of the BF itself, just didn’t seem natural. Again, it was a very well done video and for a hoax it has some people guessing! So nice job but no sale!

  11. Michael K

    The suit is much too pointy, so is the helmet/mask. In future smooth the foam with smaller slices. Stabilize it and the doll doesn’t move. Also large trapeezeus not attached to anything as the head swivels human style. Bumpy walk not even smooth.

  12. Rachel P

    So fake!! Movements are way too human like. Why do people even remotely analyze the authenticity of these stupid videos? You have to be a moron to even begin to question its authenticity. PG film is still the only authentic video in my eyes.

  13. Larry W

    It’s hilarious how those in the BF Community will pounce on a video and say “oh, it’s FAKE….it’s not clear, no definable features, etc. Another Blob Squatch.”
    Then a clear video comes along and those same people say “ahh, it’s absolutely fake… is too clear and movements are too well defined and features too easily seen.”
    It’s no wonder so many of the people that are sincere about trying to find an answer to this mystery throw their hands up and say “to Hell with the lot of you!” I don’t blame them one bit. It’s also the reason that those with REAL videos will never, ever release them to the public. I’ve read many times over the years that there are dozens of absolute, unmistakeable videos out there that make Patterson/Gimlin look like garbage, but they will never see the light of day because of the stuff you are reading here and that the ones that own them, don’t want to put up with the trash talking and harassment. I don’t blame them one bit. If I had a 100% real video that I took, I wouldn’t show it either.

    This is the kind of stuff that ran Shannon off.

    • greg d

      Thats because 99.99% of all footage thats clear enough and long enough, makes it totally obvious that it’s not a Sasquatch. Only when the camera is shaky and out of focus does the debate last more that 3 seconds it takes to figure out that its a hoax. Unlike this video which is clearly legit.

    • Carol S

      Are some people suggesting a complete suspension of all critical thinking? Is there some crime in analyzing these videos? If we do not determine what is likely false, how can we ever know something is real? This is a level of weirdness that makes it difficult for people to take this subject seriously.

    • Tristene M

      Larry I agree with you. I believe this is absolutely real. Few and far between are real video proof and when one does come out, it’s called a fake. This is a huge motivating factor to never come forward with stories or other tangible evidence. Even on a sight like this. It’s a bleak reminder that humans never learn from history. Divide and conquer.

  14. Paul M

    I’m on the 70% real side of this one. It’s has a lot good close looks. Of corse it’s the 30% side we need to look harder at.. No boobs is just sibling leaving area with youngster. Walking not floating. To small.. well maybe half grown teen..

  15. Scott A

    Blurry videos are so annoyingly frustrating and inconclusive but at some point someone will have a 4K or better video camera pointing in the right direction at the right time and hopefully it will be beautiful, clear footage. It’s unusual that they do not get scared filming and the creature does not get too scared either, however, I have stood in the woods within fifteen feet of a deer and it did not run. We were there face to face for about ten minutes, it bent its head down to eat and I watched. When I made the slightest move, to shift my weight on my feet, scratch my nose or anything, it immediately raised its head and focused on me but when it was satisfied that I was not going to try to get closer, it just went back to eating. How? Because it did not feel threatened by me. Why? Because there was a fallen tree between us just as this scenario has one of these apes on one side of various obstacles so there is no need to run. It probably knows a human cannot scale or get around that stuff easily or quickly and I they recognize that this person is pointing something at them but they are fairly sure that it is not a gun.

  16. Tedd

    I first thought it was too close & trackable to be real, watched few more times and watching infant sold me as real animal of some sort. Feels like by emotion (body language) it’s not the mom, sibling or younger tribe member maybe, who is scared and nervous but did not seem to feel terribly threatened. I pick up on things at times, not sure why but happens with people & animals to me, but I felt like creature more worried about what mom/dad or elders would do than what little human would. Just what came to me but if fake that’s one ugly stand in baby!

  17. Paul L

    That for sure looks like a bigfoot with young even crescent on top looks very much like ones
    down south. I didnot get the general location of this picture though.

  18. r v

    Hey Carol… WHOSEAGOODBOY!?! Funny how people don’t get it. Seriously, though, about the video, the camera person starts tracking to the left BEFORE the “BF” runs out. Come on, people. Anticipate the action sequence coming next, much? Also, the mouth is too close to the nose, as in normal human proportions. That’s the very reason you can tell the Standing muppets are fabricated.
    The distance from the nose to the mouth on a BF is greater than that on a human. At least the PG film shows this, so the two figures aren’t the same (Patty and this guy). That’s actually my serious evaluation. This thing looks fake to me. Obviously that’s an opinion. I want it to be real, but what are ya gonna do?

  19. Travis L

    There’s a gentleman out there who has made a hobby out of pulling off hoaxes with some well made suits (but still not good enough to be considered “real” looking). I believe he has taken responsibility for this one. He even shows the suit and discusses making the baby doll. He’s well known in the BF community for releasing hoaxed movies and pics.

  20. Pat T

    I like the Thinker Thunkers take on this one where he focuses on the creatures gait and how we as humans cannot walk this way and make it look natural. What sold me on BF’s existence was his take on body ratios. Very well done and convincing. Props to Thinker Thunker

  21. John G

    I’m leaning towards fake…..the head turns to the camera much like a human. In the PGF the entire body turns toward the camera. Primates cannot swivel their heads.

  22. Terry R

    Can’t say for sure, but I have to agree with John G on the head movement. More swivel at the neck, and less twist at the hips to provide whatever it is to look to the side than other reports have indicated. Also there is vegetation that would provide cover just beyond the animal (?). I would think that it would use the rock as cover and get into the brush, then travel right to left without being seen. I’m not convinced.

  23. Esther P

    It sure doesn’t look like a momma squatch…no breasts like Patty. If it is real, might be another family member caring for youngster. Hard to say if real or not.

  24. Greg A

    A lot of the people who post stuff are so stupid. Look at the walk of the creature. The knee bend is not a person. We can not walk in this way. Try it and it will not look right. This creature walks the same way that patty does. Some of you need to get off your ass and go out into the woods People can just happen to run into these animals. It can be a life changing moment. It was for me.

    • Paul L

      Good point,I went over the crest of the head the babies movement as well as the movement of the walk with knee bent .inhumans a knee joint needs to come back to near Verticle to walk especially fast .a slight 5-10 degrees maybe not 30 degrees.
      A very good job whomever took this. What stste is this ?

    • Paul L

      Good point,I went over the crest of the head the babies movement as well as the movement of the walk with knee bent .inhumans a knee joint needs to come back to near Verticle to walk especially fast .a slight 5-10 degrees maybe not 30 degrees.
      A very good job whomever took this. What state is this in ?

  25. caroline v

    Shoulders dont turn with the head as is the case with Patty… also walks like a human even though you can tell they are trying to mimic the forward leaning posture. The knees are right either. My .02.

  26. Roy B

    Saw this video a while back, just look at it’s back when walking away it looks like it’s wearing a coat, no movement what so ever from the back of the shoulders to it’s rear end, even the baby does not look real in my opinion.

  27. Tristene M

    As is said often enough, even if you have clear concise video, it matters not. People will still scream fake. This, I believe is real. Break it down and clean it up and there’s much more then meets the eye.

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