Mar 23

Watch: Bob Gimlins First National TV interview

A Bob Gimlin interview and reenactment from Mysterious Encounters TV series 2001, Shot by Doug Hajicek, also features Owen Caddy and Dr. Daris Swindler comment on possible facial movements near the end of clip.

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  1. Jim D

    Bob Gimlin said he wishes he never seen the creature for all of the ridicule and people calling him a liar, saying that they hoaxed it. Not only that he said his wife almost divorced him over it. So I asked my wife if she would divorce me if I had a similar bigfoot encounter, she said “if you bring him home” I guess a 750 gigantic monkey man would pretty much eat you out of house and home. You’d better have either a Costco or BJ’s membership and a lot of $$$ for a guest like that.

  2. pam

    I’ll start the thread for the naysayers:
    What moon phase was it? What underwear size you wearing at the time? Did the horse ever fart? Did Roger? Was it during a full moon?
    Is the CCTV of the event? Can we get GPS coordinates? Did she wink at you? just kidding around- let’s keep it light ok? 🙂

  3. Tyler D

    Ya, Bob seems like a good honest man. N he lived in a day in age that hoaxing was very rarely heard of besides Ray Wallace. N Bob kind of looked like Burt Reynolds

  4. Randy S

    in 2014 at the Big Foot Roundup in Yakima, Bob’s home, I met Bob away from the main event. The Yakima Museum has a wonderful Bigfoot exhibit with a man skeleton built in proportion to height at 10 foot tall it’s HUGE. This is where Bob came to talk with me, in my wheelchair I’m not overwhelming Bob and I talked until some numb-nuts little news girl thought it was more important to interview the clown form Finding Bigfoot Cliff Brackman! Telling Mr Bigfoot (BOB GIMLIN) himself to shut up and go away because she was interviewing. Bob & I wandered off about 10 ft and started our conversation again and she was still pissed off at us. Stupid as it gets!
    Bob was to cool to me we talked and he signed a picture that the T- Shirt and sketching and pictures lady gave me after whacking me with her souvenir board 3 times,lol It was a great Roundup that Tom Yaramon put together.

  5. Nancy A

    I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Bob Gimlin last Fall at the sasquatch event in Ocean Shores Washington. I used to trail ride quite a bit up in the Indian Heaven Wilderness and we talked about training and working horses. He is also a good friend of Arla Williams and Thom Cantrall, both of whom I respect. I can tell you my impression of him was he is straight up honest. There is something about a good horseman that is simple and honest; and Bob is that kind of a person. I hope to meet up with them this summer.

  6. Robert D

    MASSIVE difference between Patterson & Gimlin’s encounter and W&W’s STORY. Patterson & Gimlin have the proof and their story has never changed. On the other hand………..nevermind, the W&W supporters won’t get it.

    Joking around about moon phases etc is exactly why the controversy will never end. Joking around not only by posters, but by the newly singular host himself.

    In all my years, I’ve always found it the way things are handled by the innocent and guilty to be very telling. The guilty are the ones that always lash out first and hardest, which is what we see happening. The two thirds of the show that left are silent. Interesting no?

  7. Charles R

    I think this may be the interview however this happened off camera. When the producer found out Doug was interviewing Bob Gimlin he told Doug to offer Bob Gimlin 1 million dollars to tell the real story of how he and Roger staged this whole event. Bob said to Doug to paraphrase,”Well I could sure use the money, but this is the true way it went down”.

    I was fortunate enough to meet Bob April 2014 at Salt Fork Lake. The line to meet him was a half an hour for over 3 straight hours. When my turn came I asked him a question I have never seen talked about, although it surely must have. I wanted to know far the creature walked during the filming. He jumped out of the chair with a gleam in his eye and extreme enthusiasm and proceeded to give me the answer I needed. First off he said the creature took off before Roger could get into position to film and we only see about 29 seconds. He said the entire event was about 59 seconds until the film ran out. In that time Patty had wallked 200 yards.

    The importance of this is that means she averaged 7 mph during that span, well out of any human capabilities. By the time I reach 5 mph on a treadmill I am in a jog and at 7 mph I am running at a good clip. If you watch an Olympic walker they are capable of 7 to 8 mph speeds but the movement is so unorthodox and erratic it is indistiguishable from a run for the average viewer.
    I had Bob sign an 8 x 10 pictures that hangs in my office that is very high quality and I will always treasure it.

  8. Robert P

    Impossible to fake that film with 1967 technology. The people with the deepest pockets couldn’t create a creature even close to the one they captured on film. Hollywood could make that creature but it was many many years later. David Paulides says they are human but the enhanced photo of the face when she makes that famous turn to look back looks like a gorilla.

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