Jul 10

Watch: Bigfoot Researcher Investigates Sighting

Bigfooter Anthony Moffett investigates a bigfoot sighting location in Salmon, Idaho, and interviews the witness about what they witnessed.


Credit: http://bigfootevidence.blogspot.com/2015/07/video-bigfoot-researcher-investigates.html

17 Responses to “Watch: Bigfoot Researcher Investigates Sighting”

  1. Christopher c

    The guy giving the interview had a point saying that Bigfoot probably was just passing through and on it’s way to the water source,I believe that if you are looking for one of these creatures you need to stick close to the water for one main reason: they are not like us ,they don’t posses the technology that we posses like water bottles or canteens so hunting close to a water source is probably the best bet just like deer hunting-hang out by the food source or watering hole and be patient.

  2. Christopher c

    Go to Sasquatch territory, find a boulder field near a water source,hike to the top of it and wait for nightfall then start rolling big boulders off the top so as to cause small land slides while having a female doing vocalizations along with animal game calls and see what happens!

  3. william g

    He says the shoulder was 4 in taller than him and proceeds to hold his hand up a foot over his head,and then the guy filming says being his shoulder is at 6+,that would make the BF 8+,that would be the longest neck on a BF I’ve ever heard of.I don’t mean to be critical but their grasp of measurement is a little different.

  4. Indignico

    I just could not take that guy’s interviewing, uh, style. He’d interrupt the other guy’s story to very verrrrryyyy slowwwwlllyyy and in a round-about way make some stuttering point that didn’t need to be made and generally served only to derail what little flow the witness managed to get going. It was painful. Maybe I’m just in an ungenerous mood and a bad person, but please don’t make me listen to that guy ever again as my punishment for it. I promise I’ll do better on my own somehow. But no more interviews by that guy, ok?

  5. Christian L

    Mega DITTO William Travis R……not to throw rocks at this interview but WES maybe it’d be a good idea to have a short segment on interview techniques and key questions to ask as well as listening techniques. I bet some of the shows LE friends could give everyone in the community some productive pointers concerning giving and guiding interviews. Just an idea. Still giving the guy props for his effort and legitimate interest.

  6. Kim L

    Other than the great country, this was painful, felt sorry for the witness. Got to give the interviewer credit for dealing with a speech impediment, but, his insistence on keeping the floor interfered with the witness telling his story. I bet a lot more detail would have been retrieved by letting him speak freely, he, at some points, seemed uncomfortable with the interviewer. It’s POSSIBLE we’re spoiled here, and will never be satisfied with anyone other than “The Wes” !

    • Kent C

      Kim; …….You are so right!

      If Wes ever realizes how much money he could make TEACHING other people “How To Interview”; we will loose him! (LOL!)

  7. James m

    Wow could you maybe let this guy talk— just my opinion but think you should stay in the woods and let other folks do the interviewing I wanted to watch but could not after first two minutes because you kept interrupting him and then putting words in his mouth

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