Mar 15

Watch: Bigfoot Eyewitness Interview: The Smith Story


Man describes his encounter with a bigfoot.

19 Responses to “Watch: Bigfoot Eyewitness Interview: The Smith Story”

  1. Tyler D

    For some reason I knew you guys we’re going to see Bob Garretts area. I’m extremely jealous haha. I hope you guys have a great time n even greater evidence. N I hope that Shannon had some great experiences as well, you guys are pretty lucky. If I could go out to any area it would either be Bob Garretts area or Bear and Coonbo’s neck of the woods

  2. william g

    The Kid should have let the man tell his story as he saw it and strategically asked questions instead of trying to”lead the witness”.IMO this man had a lot to say but the interviewer wouldn’t let him talk.The kid does need to move on to other ventures,cause he sucks as an investigative reporter.

  3. Christopher c

    Not a bad interview report, although I would like to see the person being interviewed looking right at the camera and definitely no dark sunglasses during that time, this means more to me than the interviewers skills ,when I do my interview I will be looking into the camera lens with out glasses and speaking as though I am on the stand in a court of law in front of God and everyone out there looking right back at me.

  4. james b

    The interviewer was only 14 years old at the time of this interview. I read somewhere this poor kid loved doing this but quit interviewing witnesses because of all the negative comments. I always felt bad for the poor kid, I mean we all have to start somewhere. Im sure if he would have stuck with it he would have learned what works and what doesnt and been a pro by the time he was an adult.

    • Zachary A

      james b, completely agree! i loved the kid’s way of talking, to be honest. and he had a genuine interest that was infectious. and there’s a clip floating around on youtube where the kid himself recounts his own sighting, i believe…

  5. Kerrin C

    Those who are putting down this interviewer need to be reminded that he is a fourteen year old country boy. Really – you need to lighten up. Am an an award winning author and producer. Recently I found a very early tape of an interview I did with someone when I was 15 years old. It was dreadful. But I was only 15. How many of you tried to interview people when you were 14 or 15? He’s a kid. I give him A for effort. He has the whole world in front of him – and hey, he is respectful. How many kids these days call older men “sir”?

  6. Kerrin C

    Just remember – the negative thoughts you leave out in the world are like open drains to a human soul. This kid could grow up to be something fabulous or he could end up doing nothing with his life? What could make the difference? A positive comment. How many children’s’ lives are ruined by negative, bitter comments from those who quit trying years ago? Wherever this kid is now – I hope he reads the good comments and is encouraged to keep on trying. He has the basic stuff- what folks call country folks call “bottom.” He just needs to keep on practicing – keep doing.

  7. auroralora

    I’m from the South and love hearing his accent! Sounds like home to me.

    All the haters in the BF community really do a lot to spoil a good time for everyone. I’m getting so sick of it. It’s hard to keep ignoring it sometimes.

    He’s excited and probably had fun doing the interview. Kind of like Wes in all the early shows. The haters in this community ruin things for EVERYONE.

    If I were Wes, I’d want to quit too. I mean, come on. People bash and bash and bash because he wouldn’t keep working his ass off for free.

    Keep working at it, kid! I’ve been working in my profession for 20+ years and I think you’ve done a good job here. Your skills will only develop in time. The people who put you down do it to feel better about their own sorry lives.

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