Dec 29

Watch: Bigfoot Encounters Sasquatch Mountain

Notes from YouTube: Scott Herriott relates his most amazing Bigfoot encounter. He would not allow me to use the actual video due to proprietary reasons, which is understandable, so i shot re-enactment video with an actor for my documentary which you see here. The actual video shot that day can be seen in Scott’s documentary.

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  1. Kenneth M

    I’ve seen the footage from the documentary and I think it was “enhanced” with circa 1990s technlogy, I wish it could be further evaluated with new image stabilization and so -on the original footage is hard to make out well in my view.

  2. Travis J

    Please correct me if I am wrong. But isn’t this the incident in the Leonard Nimoy documentary?Ancient Mysteries or whatever. I have honestly never seen this video but I remember them discussing the cameramen getting emotional but nothing of the Sasquatch standing up. I believe this is the same story.

    • Travis J

      Hey Brett, yes it is on the Ancient mysteries show. I looked it up(which it does not talk about the Sasquatch standing 🙂 ). But I also found out through my searches tonight that they are very quite about the original video. Meaning they do not release it for viewing eyes that very often. Which could be do to them worrying about it being damaged and what not so I can understand that. But apparently it’s almost like pulling teeth for them to release the original video for viewing research or observation. Than again the site I saw that on could be incorrect.

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