Sep 7

Watch: Bigfoot and Deer Caught on Game Cam?

The CryptoCrew writes “Taken in 2012 of a deer looking at what appears to be a dark figure in the woods. I do not know much about the photo but had attempted to enhance the figure.”


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    • Tracy A

      Just went through, start/stop w/magnifying glass…@ 1:17 general shape good proportions correct. It’s Rt. flat breast/nipple visible. He/she has just made noise & motion raising from waist bent hunker/crouch exposing upper torso, shoulders, head. @ 1:20 It’s rt. shoulder rotating forward, arm extending palm toward deer thumb pointing to 2 o clock position , 2 fingers seen below branch. (deer lifting head turning at same time, this is a quick motion that trips cam). He/she/ its left knee on ground, rt. knee up and in front foot plant. (coach watching a practice knee planted opp. foot on ground knee up and forward) He/she is raising up, shifting weight reaching to counter balance and grab stump ( hiding rt. knee leg) to propel forward. Deer experiencing “holy crap”!!!, moment. (young buck, careless) Eyes lock all freeze cam catches the fight or flight moment for the deer. (fight, not so much) He/she/it waiting to see direction of flight. I think the cam caught very close to the last thing that young buck ever saw.

  1. Travis L

    This could have been just about anything. As a matter of fact, I believe it’s a wild boar with its snout to the ground walking toward the deer. They probably baited the camera trap with corn or something and it probably attracts all sorts of game. Where are the follow up photos as well? Why, when it comes to game cams they never show the photos in sequence throughout the occurrence? Awww, maybe because you would see exactly what it is if they did. Let’s make a pact. No more game cam photos unless there are sequenced photos from beginning to end. Deal?

  2. John S

    Not trying to make anyone upset but without seeing previous or afterwards footage on the deer reactions I would say that’s a stump and the deer is just caught being cautious in that picture. I’ve seen them do it plenty of times while I was still hunting or in a stand and they didn’t look at me. Yet I was the danger

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