Dec 27

Watch: Audio file of a suspected sasquatch

Jonathan Brown just uploaded some audio clips from his property. Is this audio of a turf war in action? Jonathan writes: “Audio file of a suspected male group of Sasquatch on the perimeter of the Brown property, in Grays Harbor, Washington. Tree knocking and crazy vocals are apparent.”

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  1. E Meredith L

    The first vocalization is fox-like but then the second time the same sound is part of a vocalization that could not be fox. I wonder if sasquatch purposefully mix in imitations of other animals to partially disguise their vocalizations. It is also certainly likely that fox reply to sasqautch vocalizations.

  2. Norman Racca

    The whistle @ 1:50 is the exact sound my Dad was telling me he was hearing in the woods before and after his encounter! He said it sounded like an inhaled whistle; kind of like blowing air over an open 20oz bottle and when the air goes into the bottle it makes that whistle sound.
    He can whistle like this himself using inhaled air, he said he learned it by listening to it in the woods where he used to hunt; it’s crazy to hear this after hearing my Dad whistle the same sound.

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