Feb 11

Watch: 8 year old asked to interview Will and I for his book report

This kid is awesome!


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  1. Bob S

    Luckily the young man will be educated by the most realistic group of people on the subject, lucky for him he isn’t doing his report on any of the self proclaimed experts on TV that could lead to the disappearance of some that may follow such nonsense!

  2. Nicholas R

    Thanks so much for all the kind words. This is such a great community, so different than the comments I see on other blogs and websites. I love how we support each other. I can actually show my kids the comments instead of having to hide them.
    Recording the episode tonight was the highlight of my children’s young lives. They are such big fans and learned a lot going through this experience. Hope you all enjoy the podcast!
    Wes, Will and Shannon are the best in the business, not even close 🙂

  3. Mary W

    Yes ohio has bigfoot ( feet?) my encounter was at unity lake . Thanks lil dudes for your interest . One of the best episodes ever! I no longer fear for our future with lil smarts dudes like u guys! Lol! I wouldn’t be suprised to here them in the future recounting Thier own experiences soon! Be safe and good luck !

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