Jan 25

Watch: 2008 recorded thermal image of possible bigfoot

Don Young writes “I did a 5 day 4 night camping trip by myself at [a location in Lugerville Wisconsin]. It was slow at first. I was not picking up anything with the thermal [recorder], not even rodents or other animals, as if the woods around me were devoid of life.”

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  1. Rick F

    And again we find another video that was more than 8 minutes in length yet yielding only (1) SECOND of material pertaining to the interest of the video. Do you really think 8-1/2 minutes to build the “hype” makes the video more authenticated? And, to beat all, you drop the name Matt Moneymaker and BFRO to support its credibility. It just makes it real disappointing.

    The thermal is just to brief to “not” say or to consider it was a deer or some other wild animal.

  2. Patrick G

    Interesting FLIR palette used, here. Looks like a “Lima bean” or “urine” palette. Mine doesn’t have this option, thank God. Makes for some very washed out low contrast viewing, which no puts this on par with every other blurry Sasquatch photo ever taken to date.
    Just can’t go with a more useful palette, like Heat Map or Iron, can we?
    No idea what this is other than something hotter than its surrounding environment. Nothing more can be said at all.
    Might as well title it “heat blob in boonies”….

  3. laura t

    What do you guys want, cut everything out just the image, my guess you guys wouldn’t be happy with that as well. It was very nice of them to take the time to put it together , and Mail it off to the show. We all watch video and not sure what’s real and what’s not. This subject is just getting starting to rise to the surface. In its infancy . Scientist are not giving this subject any notice. It’s up to the believers to share info and do the best they can do science can consider it as a real creature. If your not here to bounce ideas off each other and give and share informations. Maybe Sasquatch chronicals is not for you.

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