Jun 7

Tonight’s Show: When I Stood Up He Stood Up And Slapped His Chest

A listener writes “My first encounter (visual encounter) I was camping on my old hunting property in Georgia. I do a lot of stalk and glass hunting. So I had followed a deer down into a holler and I was camping in a field up from where I tracked the deer.

So I set up camp and had a fire going, And I kept hearing something moving around in the woods around me. I just blew it off. I figured it was a coyote that was intrigued by the fire but than I heard this guttural growl kind of that of a bull gator when you get to close but there’s no water around me so it caught me off guard.

So I took my flash light and shined it around and at the wood line there was what I believe to be a male squatch, Crouched down at the wood line growling at me like I had gotten to close to his turf, I assume this behavior to be him saying Go away. When I stood up he stood up slapped his chest and gave out a crazy guttural scream. I can’t even describe it when he did that I kicked out my fire got my gun and set back out for my truck. Never looked back or turned back. I think when he saw me turn and walk away he knew he got his point across.

I’ve also been hunting and smelled one as well I think it was the same one or its a family group

Thanks for all that your doing for those of us to share our encounters and letting us get it off our shoulders.”

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  1. Charles N

    That was to close glad you got out ok. I don’t know about you but the hard part for me is trying to make sense of it all. I’ve had a couple of encounters myself and man it can do a number on your psyche. Stay Safe

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