Jul 14

Tonight’s Show: The Wildman At The Window

I spoke to a listener who is from Missouri. He said “This took place in the late 60’s and growing up around my grandparents farm my grandfather would tell us that we could hunt the property but we were not allowed to go into certain areas.

Finally one day my grandfather sat me down and told me the reason why I was not allowed to go into certain areas because of the wildman. No one said Bigfoot or Sasquatch at that time. He said some of these creatures are good and some of them are bad.

My grandparents both had doctorate degrees. My grandfather was the doctor for the area and one night he was called out to a home where a child had been injured. You have to remember during this time no one really had AC so the locals would have their windows open at night.

When my grandparents got to the property my grandmother went into to check on the child and there was a hairy arm in the window pushing the child around and the child was laughing. Like it was playing with him. My grandmother looked up and she heard this thing gasp and pull its arm back and it ran off into the night. My grandfather and the home owner went out with guns but the thing had run off. My grandmother had a great description of the creature and said the child was all scratched up. There is more to this encounter and I can go into it.

Years later I saw two of them while hunting. I told my grandfather about it and he had explained what to do if I ever ran into one. My grandfather knew more about these things than he said. He told me be careful who you tell about this because we do not want people to judge you”

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  1. Melissa K

    Yikes! These encounters are the creepiest ’cause they happen right at home. I can’t wait to hear it but I will be afraid to look out the window!

  2. Trent M

    “He said some of these creatures are good and some of them are bad.” Although I don’t have 1st hand knowledge I tend to believe this man’s grandfather was right. You hear stories of some of them being curious and even having a sense of humor and then others are just mean and ornery and scary as hell. I can only hope if I ever run into one it has not had any bad experiences with humans and it is not a psycho ape.


    @ Trent, kinda sounds like people, some good some bad… cant wait to hear some more about this persons encounters and grandfathers knowledge about these beings…

  4. Karen C

    Preparing for The Wildman: Popcorn check, Beer check, Comfy Chair check, and Last but not least NO TV!! Heaven sent from Sasquatch Chronicles, and our Host Wes Germer…

  5. jennifer g

    Breton Sawin interviewed a fellow, Paul I think, who recounted playing with a juvenile as a young child one summer at his foster parents summer place. Paul said he asked the squatch, who was female I believe, to come to his house to meet his parents and the squatch said her parents wouldn’t like it…….it was not possible. Paul said his squatch friend said that they ( the squatches ) begin as ONE THING and THEN CHANGE INTO ANOTHER AS THEY GET OLDER. This caught my attention……yes woo factor…..I mention this in relation to the seeming reality that some are benevolent, and some malevolent…..what if nephilim disembodied spirits take over, a.k.a possess some of them ? Well who knows, but I’ve been wanting to put this out there, just a thought.
    Paul’s encounter seemed pretty real to me, it was quite moving.
    any thoughts anyone ?

  6. phil c

    Where in MO did these encounters take place? Rocky referenced some familiar locations. Interested to know where he is from.

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