Sep 24

Tomorrow night’s Show: The one eyed Sasquatch

I will be welcoming Donald to the show. He encountered a Sasquatch late one night and wasn’t sure what he was looking at.

Donald says “I was out with friends in the middle of nowhere and I watching this strange eyeshine, it looked like one eye not two.

I thought was a cougar. I decided it would be better to leave. I was trying to turn the car around on this little country road and that is when the headlights lit this creature up. I can explain to you what it looked like, it was only 8 feet from my headlights standing in the tree line like a statue. Before I explain to you what I saw, this thing was injured. It looked like it was in a fight or something because the other eye was all mangled. Now I understand why only one eye was giving off eyeshine….”

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  1. Cristina J

    I can’t get enough of the show! Just made it through all the episodes last week now I’m on to the members shows. Thank you so much Wes Germer for putting out such a quality show and for being there for your fans and the people that have experienced these creatures.

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