Jan 8

SC EP:288 Strange monkey in the tree

Tonight is a show about investigators.

With four completed albums and his number five in the works Kris Allen is a true super star when it comes to his music and when it comes to his fans. As a native Texan Kris started his music career at a young age, but there were obstacles in the road during his journey that would prove to change the course of his life forever.

Kris Allen is not just a super star within the music industry but he is also well known throughout the paranormal arena, as well as a dedicated Bigfoot investigator.

Kris will be sharing with us an encounter he had as a child as Kris and his family watched in amazement as a Sasquatch was sitting in a tree watching them. Kris said “We thought it was some sort of strange monkey that got loose.” Kris owns a large farm in WV and talks about other encounters he has had with the creatures over the years. Kris says “One of the strangest things I have ever seen was a werewolf like creature that was walking towards my younger son while he played on the farm. I did not know what it was the only way I can describe it is it reminded me of a Hollywood werewolf, like you would see in the movies. As it approached my young son I went after it with my gun….”


I will also be speaking to David who heads the Independent Sasquatch Research Team based in Florida. David will discuss looking into a case featured here on Sasquatch Chronicles SC EP:249 It had a look like “I’m going to kill you”

You might remember this show: Steve writes “I was completely frozen with fear I was 20 feet from the shoreline and this thing was about 10 feet in the tree line… I could not do anything except sit there and stare…. I watched it for what seemed to be forever but it was prob a minute as this thing was going nuts…. And as quick as it started it stopped, I was in the coast guard and went through several training and all but nothing could prepare me for what happened next…. I was at the point of fight or flight but there was no way I was gonna fight…. As I tried to gather my thoughts and pick up my jaw and figure out if I pissed myself or not …this palm branch moved to the side and I saw this …… Monster… Just staring at me.”

The ISRT was established back in 2000 for researchers that want to work with a team of independent research people that are honest and hard working in the field. We are based in central FL and have researchers through out the US. The team reaches  throughout the US and Canada, but not limited to these areas. We have many experienced field research individuals that have many years of field investigation experience.

“Our common goal and responsibility as research analysts on this subject is to bring a deluge of evidence to the people.
In order for us to do this, we all need to work together as a team on this common goal”.



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58 Responses to “SC EP:288 Strange monkey in the tree”

  1. Karen C

    WOW, Kris can’t wait to hear your full story, this sounds so scary of an experience for you and your family, Thanks for coming forward with your encounter because it helps us all…

  2. Christian L

    “Women and kids…….softer voice…friendlier voice…..” Uh huh…..maybe they are more curious abiut the sweet songs and beautiful flute notes wafting through the trees?….some of them…….and some of the BF are attracted because women and children are easier to kill!!!! Interesting episode with some departures into the “flute player” realm on occasion…..mostly believable……always a little skeptical of folks that have sooo many sightings and situations that sound conspicuously like combinations of other people’s stories….hopefully he’s mostly telling the truth…..I’m a 100% believer but with this topic you gotta be aggressively skeptical when most of the evidence we are given in this forum is generally only a first person version of an encounter. Interesting none the less but my BS alarm was warming up….

  3. Michael L

    I lived in this area there’s thing in those woods that will send you running don’t go out alone might never be seen again Don’t believe it just drive up Interstate 79 about 50 miles north of Charleston and take a walk in the woods

  4. Robert V


    Winter camped once. It’s a whole different camping experience.

    We had a Schperkee dog. They’re fun and friendly but hyper. They’ll chase anything.


  5. Andrew B

    F.S., counselors will be provided for a nominal fee if you need a safe zone. Don’t mean to seem so inconsiderate, but ‘Tis Life !

  6. Duke S

    The name he was thinking of was “James Earl Jones”, voice of Darth Vader and actor who played Thulsa Doom in the movie Conan the Barbarian. Great show!

  7. Janetta V

    Big deal about the “f word”, I’m 64 and have never used it, I have a good vocabulary and there are many words other than it, but for other it seems to be their fluent language and you can’t shield your children from hearing that word. That’s ridiculous! Your job as a parent is to have a good reason for your kids as to why people stoop to using it. That’s all folks.

    • Alexander F

      You have “never” said “fuck” before? Come on, now … I find that harder to believe that the guy who claimed to have had 10 encounters (including the ones who talked about him….).

      I’m a professional copyeditor; I have a very rotund, expansive personal lexicon. I use “fuck” by and by. It’s not a great adjective. But, heck, sometimes it just comes out.

      If you’re listening to a bigfoot show with your whole fam, and a curse word is the shocker, well, I’d say perhaps take a step back and rearrange the priorities in life. Just a thought….

        • Janetta V

          Dear Alexander, I know you were shocked, but your world is different than mine. I was brought up in a home where my mother sat me down when I was 8, and said to never use that word. Several uncles, sibling, will not touch the word. My best friend and her sister never do. You must admitt that you don’t know all people. Use the word if you want too. I will go the rest of my time here and not. My reason and you won’t like this, is, Jesus doesn’t like the word. Dispute that. Respectfully. j.v.

          • Alexander F

            Hah, well, Jesus’ wishes may be a tricky thing for us to figure out. However, I can respect a different POV on the subject as a whole. No one respects language more than I do. However, I also think there’s nothing wrong with a few choice words, by and by.

    • Alexander F

      Well, this guy really struggled with details (which was tough to listen to, as someone who is “so sure” of himself, but cannot even recall that he was recounting the Lovelock Cave story–but with the wrong Indian name | James Earl Jones was not a narrator in The Lion King | Zana was a Sub-Saharan African human female, which was very objectively proven true; also it was from the early 1900s, and there is no video footage of it….particularly by Discovery Channel. Honestly, if he believes Discovery Channel videos are real .. wellllllll, think that tells us enough).

      The Manitoba Bigfoot video is a 10-year-old video on YouTube, of a super grainy, long-distance shot of essentially nothing. It’s not a road-crossing, though … hence my earlier comments about him mixing up details.

      Sorry, but this guy just .. well, this is the stuff I find sad. He’s given over to his own ego, being SO sure of everything. Bro, no offense, but I’m not SO sure that the sun will rise tomorrow, let alone details of bigfootery.

      • Andrew B

        I thought when he said, “you Want To know exactly what it looked like (paraphrase) ?’ I got excited I bit ~ UNTIL he said the Manitoba film * WHAT?! That blurry low resolution crappy video?
        But overall I don’t think he was dishonest at all.

  8. Jay Carlsen

    Charleston West Virginia ! HEY ! I WORKED THERE BEFORE ! The Hills Are Steep ! Ripply Wv – Left Hand Wv – Charleston Wv And Surrounding Area ! ………… Had I only Known ? I would have kept an Eye Open !

  9. michael n

    If you listen to that guy who has the bf talk to him and say flower and brother etc. That bf sounds like it is breathing in when it talks. If indeed it is a bf.
    Thanks ees love the show as usual and Kris was great. Believed every word.

  10. Charles R

    Fantastic interview Kris. I learned some more and that is always good. I do hope some year soon you will be a guest at the Salt Fork Lake conference in the Spring. I know you only touched on a little of what you have encountered. Indeed WV with that awesome terrain is Sasquatch Country. I would bet there are quite a few Ginsengers that have some stories from this area. I just can not imagine an 11 footer, however when a few humans hit mid 7 foot range all is possible. When I found an 8 inch diameter, 20 foot tree pulled down and uprooted outside the town of Laura, OH in March of 2010, the bark was scuffed up pretty good at the 14 foot mark of the tree. Next to the where the tree fell was a track I casted that was 17 x 11 inches, and I always thought that one might have been a 9 footer, but who knows.

  11. m99

    I listened attentively and there was no F word used, anywhere. However, FS has legitimate expectation to not hear that kinda talk when listening to SC. Anyway, I really don’t think it was on this recording. And, How fascinating… something poked the tent, maybe it’s face?

    • Jerry W

      When the first guy was talking about his dog biting the bull. He said “thousand something pound bull” but it sounds like he uses the F word.

  12. Ray R

    Great show Wes, love listening to all the stories, Thank you,and Yes there is a lot of scoffers out there on any subject, lol

  13. Shannon S

    Kris Allen is the bomb!! WES you need to get him back on a future episode. That guy has a lot of experience with these things. We need to hear all of his encounters. Not only that but hear some encounters from his previous guests

  14. Robert H

    I saw last week on youtube, There was a short video of a guy whos father shot and klled a bigfoot over 40 years ago. He showed a portion of a arm with hand still attatched. It would be interesting if you could get him on your podcast.
    THANKS Bob

    • Andrew B

      Robert, that guy is full of shit It looks like styrofoam or paper mache sprayed with adhesive spray to goop down the hair, then drizzled various colored wax here and there for Meat , skin, and fat effect. Plus, you. Don’t hold a “really fucking heavy” foot up with index fingers only as well as with one hand briefly He’s FOS.

  15. mermaidmood

    “Talking about me” is pure wishful thinking, not critical thinking. This program was odd in that he was giving some interesting info, then went too far into conjecture; then went into conspiracy, etc
    . I’d be better if he’d organize his thoughts and work on presentation. He’s all over the place.

  16. Jonah N

    “F” word?! This is a paid site. If you want to censor anything I suggest you preview the talk show and put in the work to edit parts for your family.
    I like an occasional slip of the tounge. I want to hear a good story without having to impose on the story teller to censor anything as to disrupt the emotion of the story.
    Quit harassing the site over little issues. If it’s that important to you do your homework.

    January 16th, 2017

  17. Rick B

    Sherwood lake area is where a lot of people have sightings or encounters. I would say probably the hot spot for eastern West Virginia if not for the whole state.
    Keep up the good work Wes.

  18. cyndie r

    Jonah N: I agree 100%.
    FS: Wes does a pretty darn good job keeping the swear words out. But no one is perfect and such is life. If your family’s ears are so precious that they absolutely cannot hear any word that may even sound close to a swear word… then do what you gotta do. Don’t expect others to do your censorship job for you. You only have yourself to blame if your family catches an earful of real life. God forbid!

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