Jan 6

Tonight’s Show: Strange encounters while camping

I will be speaking to two guests, my first guest says “Back in the 70’s my friends and I were camping just outside of a campground in Arkansas. The strangest thing happened that night. In the middle of the night my friends and I were sleeping in a tent when we were awoken to the campers screaming and yelling. Something very large ran past our tent, it was breaking branches like they were twigs, it crossed the river we were next to and climbed a sheer rock wall.I was confused as to what was going on. After whatever it was left we stepped out of the tent and we saw several branches broken that were 6 feet up or higher. I thought maybe a man ran through there and had a pole in his hand because the branches were so high up. I went and spoke to one of the campers and he was packing up and leaving and did not want to talk. There is more to the story but if you want to contact me I can fill you in.”

I also welcome Mark to the show who was four feet away from a dogman. He does a great job describing what he saw.

My final guest writes “I would like to speak to you and talk about what happened when we were camping. Something came through our camp and my tent was not closed all of the way. I thought a person was stealing stuff from out camp but I saw a huge hairy leg walk past my tent. I was not sure what it was. We later found out what this thing stole from our camp, it was a large pan that we were cooking on. It returned the pan by throwing it back at us but the pan was bent in half. There is no way I could physically bend this pan in half but this thing did. There is more details and other things that happen. Give me a call…”

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