May 19

Tonight’s Show: Sequoia National Forest

I will be welcoming Joe to the show. Joe writes “I had a Sasquatch sighting in the Sequoia national forest in 1991 in the lodgepole campsite I was 50 feet away from a Sasquatch that looked like it wanted to charge me or run across the trail, I returned this weekend after 26 year’s and the trail I took when I seen the Sasquatch has been changed it doesn’t go way back into the forest like before but I had another thing happen to me this weekend me and my son went on the same trail that has been changed we got to a heavy wooded area and we can here tree’s being snapped but we couldn’t see anything and I didn’t want to leave the trail and go into the forest.”

I spoke to the witness today and he says “Wes I was 50 feet away from this thing. I was hiking with my family and I fell behind. This thing was ugly in the face and had upper and lower canines and was sniffing the air. From the way it was acting I thought it was going to charge me.”

I will also be speaking to Bruce and Jan and they describe an encounter while they were hunting.

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  1. Bruce G

    Hey y’all we are Jan and Bruce Jan ,Janice was scared to be on radio so ask me to do most of talking we were excited at what we were talking about it was a very scary experience for us and very real ! thank you Wes very professional and a great interviewer and all of you for listening to us

    • m99

      Hi Bruce and Jan,
      I enjoyed the whole thing and thought ya’ll did a great job. It’s always a little wonky when two people are interviewed together, so considering that, it was great. Hope you’ll do a follow up in the future. And I meant it, you are so fortunate to have land there. Good for you guys. You sound like lots of fun.
      Be sure to sign up as members if you aren’t already, and goto the forums. I’m sure we’d all love to hear more from ya’ll.
      Take care. _m

    • m99

      HI again, say Bruce, could you post a comment under the episode header? This is in the blog so don’the think many saw ur comments. Any who, thanks again. I loved it. 🤗

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