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Upcoming Show Notes with Shannon


Monday, Feb 2nd at 5pm PST, 8pm EST

Show Notes with Shannon-Jesus Payan

I will have joining me, Jesus Payan. He is a researcher of all things Fortean, and has been doing so, for over 20 years. He had experiences when he was young that drove him to search in Europe and all over North America for things unknown. He is a member of Kryder Exploration and Crypto Four Corners, and has been chosen as a field researcher for The Falcon Project. Jesus recently had an up-close sighting of a Sasquatch and will be sharing that story for the first time. Call in 646-716-8791

13 Responses to “Upcoming Show Notes with Shannon”

  1. Jennifer l

    Shannon wake up Wes’s so he can post the episode 76 I havnt had a chance to listen to it yet so bummed I half to wait it seems like forever I just can’t wait this long it’s too hard

  2. Charles D

    So Shannon I admit at first I didn’t really care for your show, but I grew to love your shows. Just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into a great show. I think it’s about time Wes hands the keys over to you, you know for your show on Monday. It would be fantastic if they start letting you handle the call in shows. Wes and Will always talk about how they want to do more of the call in shows and wish they could take more calls, well your the answer to the problem. Maybe every other week instead of a guest do a call in show, but not every week. I enjoy most of your guest and love that they are from Europe, didn’t even know they had bigfoot over there. Please show this post to Wes and tell him to make it happen.

    • Shannon Legro

      Thank you Charles, Honestly, I didn’t like it much at first either. LOL. Was extremely scary. I like your ideas, and we will definitely take all thoughts and input into account. Thanks for listening, and for being willing to give my show the chance to grow on you. I appreciate that.

  3. S O

    Ohhhh…….Is this the guy from “Breaking Bad”? I’ve heard him speak before. He’s interesting to listen to. Great job snagging that interview, Shannon, I’ll be looking forward to it!

  4. pam

    Love Kryder research too Shannon! Been reading and watching YouTube on his works. The episode of Kryder on JC Johnsons site was awesome- so much knowledge!
    Can’t wait to hear this episode with Jesus Paya!
    I agree with the others that your interview techniques and overall progress has been awesome! Your show is the best!

  5. WALT D

    Shannon This is going to be a great show . I requested we get John Kryder on the show, but a team member will be just as good ! New Mexico is very interesting.

  6. Brian H

    Very cool you had Mike on. Was wondering what happened to him after he was on bob garrets show for a while. Also agree that your show gets better every week, awesome work

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